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Are Ductless Heaters More Prone to Breakdowns?

Monday, November 4th, 2019

ductless-system-repair-technicianNo one enjoys calling for repairs. Repairs for your car, home or phone are never something that any person enjoys scheduling because making that call inherently means that there is a problem.

Having a heating system that operates efficiently and rarely needs repairs can assuage a lot of the stress attached to requiring frequent repairs. After all, you really shouldn’t need to call for repairs to your system more than once a year, if that.

But what if one type of heater inherently requires more repairs? If you are one of the many individuals who uses ductless heating systems in Staten Island, NY, you may find yourself wondering about this. After all it may just seem like a system that operates without ducts would be prone to encounter more problems.

The reality is that this just isn’t true!

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Ductless Heating and Its Tremendous Benefits

Monday, November 7th, 2016

When you hear about a “ductless heating” system, you might feel a bit incredulous. Isn’t heating without ducts a kind of space heater? Or a boiler attached to radiators? Those don’t sound like ways you can effectively heat your home: a space heater isn’t powerful enough, and unless you already have pipes in place for a boiler, a boiler isn’t a viable option.

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