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Serving Staten Island's Heating and A/C needs since 1950


Priority Comfort Club Agreements

Nobody is happy when their heating or air conditioning system breaks down. It usually happens at the worst time, and if you’re having problems, you can bet others are as well. You might have to wait 1-3 days for service in the winter and in the summer it could be one to three weeks. We have a better idea. Sign up for our Bob Mims Priority Comfort Club Agreement!

A Bob Mims Priority Comfort Club Agreement provides the following

  • $100 off unlimited Emergency Service calls ( $49 Diagnostic Fee) Members NEVER pay Premium rates for emergency service, even on holidays or weekends!
  • Same day GUARANTEED service for emergencies for calls (received by 3:00 P.M. or by next business day)
  • Priority Scheduling: Club Members appointments will ALWAYS will come before non members.  "First–in–line" Same–Day Service. Even on the hottest or coldest days of the year,
  • One routine Preventative Maintenance Visit ( per covered Unit)
  • 20% discount off repairs (parts and labor).
  • Discount on additional systems added to the existing contract.
  • Documentation: If you decide to sell your home the agreement is transferable at no additional cost and you will have an excellent record of your properly maintained heating and cooling system!

Our Bob Mims Priority Comfort Club Agreement means peace of mind! 

For just a little more than the cost of a tune–up, you can be part of our club that includes a Master heating or cooling maintenance PLUS all these great benefits: 

Your Savings Add Up, Maintenance reduces the chance that your system will break down.  

Experience the Bob Mims Difference. Most of the heating and cooling companies look the same from the outside. But they’re not. At Bob Mims, we’ve spent years perfecting the things that really matter to our customers. 

We’ve been standing behind our work since 1950. You don’t have to guess or worry about our commitment. We’ve been standing behind the work we do for more than 50 years. 

Skilled Technicians. Other companies may send experienced subcontractors to your home. We don’t. We only use our own skilled technicians, who receive ongoing training and have all the resources they need to solve the most complicated problems. We have experienced service professionals, all of them with NATE certification. (NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence) There is virtually no problem they haven’t seen or solved. 

Familiar Faces. Most of our employees have been with us for years. They’re people you’ll come to know and trust. And, for your added peace of mind, all employees wear photo IDs. 

Convenient Payment Options. For your convenience, you can make payments with any major credit card. For your convenience, we offer annual and monthly payment plans, You can pay online, or mail a check to the office and we accept all major credit cards.

Fewer Service Problems. Our master maintenance visit prevents major and minor problems on your system. 

Save on Utility Bills. You can save as much as $30 per month on your summer bills and as much as 10% on your winter bills. 

Keep Warranties Valid. Most warranties for your equipment exclude "repairs due to lack of routine maintenance."

In one year, your heating and cooling units can run for as many as 2000 hours - with the price measured in wasted energy, shortened equipment life and inconvenient and expensive breakdowns. Even more important, a system that receives regular maintenance is a safe system.

Sign up for our Bob Mims Priority Comfort club Agreement! For less than it costs to buy a cup of coffee a day, you can enjoy the best protection available today, for your home comfort equipment and for you and your family. 

Give us a call at (718) 273-8175 to schedule your AC or Heating Maintenance in Staten Island today! 


  1. Check Operating Pressure
  2. Check & Adjust Belts
  3. Check Amperage Draw of All Motors
  4. Lube All Serviceable Motors & Bearings
  5. Check Air Temperature Splits
  6. Check All Operating Controls
  7. Check for Proper Drainage from Condensate Drain
  8. Check Thermostat
  9. Check All Electrical Connections
  10. Check Air Filter – Replacement at Extra Charge
  11. Clean Condensate Line
  12. Clean Applicable Components


  1. Check & Adjust Burner
  2. Inspect filter 1" standard filter replaced as needed
  3. Combustion analysis for increased safety and efficiency
  4. Check & Adjust Belts
  5. Check Amperage Draw of All Motors
  6. Lube All Serviceable Motors & Bearings
  7. Check All Safety Controls
  8. Check All Operating Controls
  9. Adjust Fuel Pressure Regulator, If Needed
  10. Check Draft Diverter
  11. Check Thermostat
  12. Check All Electrical Connections
  13. Test airflow duct system for carbon monoxide
  14. Test exhaust system for proper venting
  15. Measure temperature difference : supply/return
  16. Vacuum and inspect burners
  17. Inspect pilot burner
  18. Check condensate drain line
  19. Measure amperage of blower motor
  20. Clean and test thermocouple for proper operation
  21. Extra Charge: Clean Applicable Components
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