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3 Spooky Sounds That Your Heater Might Make

woman-listeningIf you haven’t started using your heating system just yet, chances are that you will be turning this system on soon. Hopefully, you’ve already had your heater maintained to ensure it is efficient and working properly. However, even with maintenance, your heater may run into some problems this season.

If your heater develops a repair need, one of the ways you might find out about it is through the identification of the concerning noises it might make. You should get your heating repair in Staten Island, NY repaired quickly when you hear any of the following noises.

If You Hear These 3 Sounds, Call For Heating Repairs

What’s that noise? It may be coming from your heater! If you hear any of these concerning sounds from your heating system, make sure to reach out for repairs today.

  1. Hissing. Have a heater that is starting to make a hissing noise along with its usual whoosh? If so, we suggest shutting the system down first, before doing anything else. If you have a heat pump, that hissing may indicate a leak in your refrigerant line that will end up causing an early replacement of your system if it isn’t addressed soon. If however, you have a gas-powered furnace, that hiss may indicate a gas leak. If this is the case you need prompt repairs but also you need to keep yourself safe first.
  2. Booming. Running your furnace and it sounds like there is a small explosion inside of it before it starts heating your home? If so, this may mean you have a furnace with dirty burners. Reach out to a technician to get your system’s burners cleaned out to stop this problem and prevent further damage to your system.
  3. Screeching. This is the sound created by metal scraping against metal. Screeching, also identified as shrieking, might be created by loose fan blades scraping around their housing or unlubricated motor belts. A trained technician can identify the root cause of this problem and address it promptly.

We call these noises spooky if only because they can cause major trouble for your heater’s wellbeing and can even end up posing a problem for the safety of your home.

Other Signs Of Trouble With Your Heater

Sounds are usually one of the earlier signs of trouble with your heater but they certainly aren’t the only ones. Make sure not to ignore these other warning signs that your system needs repairs:

  • The scent of burning electrical components.
  • The smell of dirty socks.
  • Weakened airflow from the heater.
  • Poor heating power.
  • Increasing energy bills.

Whether it is a strange noise or another potential warning sign of trouble, if something goes wrong with your heater, the sooner you get it addressed, the better off you’ll be. Make sure to address those repair needs the first time around by having a trained technician be the one to provide the service.

If your heater is having trouble this season, contact Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning for professional repair services. Serving Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955.

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