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Kick off the New Year With a New Heater

gas-furnace-burners-combustion-chamberDid you make a resolutions list to start off the year? What were your goals? Are you trying to read more? To get in shape? Maybe call Grandma more often? What about resolving to enjoy the best home comfort you possibly can?

Maybe that last idea might seem a little strange but it is a good goal to have. No one deserves to struggle with keeping warm during our winters. If something has been messing with your home comfort this season, despite the fact that you’ve been maintaining and repairing your system accordingly, then it may mean you need to try something new.

We are referring to scheduling a replacement heating service in Staten Island, NY. This will provide better heating for your home without the hassle–a great way to start the new year.

When to Consider a New Heating System

Have you resolved to have better heating in your home this season? Having an effective and efficient heater is vital to this effort unsurprisingly. If you have an older heater that isn’t working as it should, it won’t exactly help you meet this goal. If you need a new heater, we can offer our help in getting this taken care of.

First things first, you’ll need to know what the signs are that you do actually need a new heater. Here are the key indicators to look for:

  • Your current system is between 12 and 15 years old. If your heater has been well-maintained, it is highly likely that it can surpass the minimum 10-year lifespan. However, any unit that is between 12 and 15 years old will need to be replaced in the near future before it starts to cost too much to operate or keep up.
  • Repairs have gotten frequent and expensive. Every heating system will need repairs at some point or another. But that doesn’t mean they should be common. If you need repairs more than once every few years, you’ll need to plan a replacement sooner than later. Repairs that have become a yearly occurrence indicate a system that needs to retire ASAP. What’s more, pay attention to the price of those repairs–if the cost to repair could pay for half the cost of a new system, it is better to use that cash on a new heater.
  • There is no heat. A heater that cannot heat your home reliably, or can’t provide warmth at all, is one that isn’t worth keeping around. You need a system that works so make sure to schedule a replacement ASAP if your heater simply can’t do its job anymore. Trying to force it to work can be expensive and dangerous.

Are you ready to enjoy better heating comfort in your home this year? The team at Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning is available to assist you with this resolution. We will get your old system removed and replace it with a heater that can get the job done. For reliable, professional service, you can turn to us.

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