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Schedule a Deep Cleaning and Tune-Up for Your Furnace

Before the true winter weather arrives here in Staten Island, NY, it’s crucial that you have your furnace tuned-up so it’s ready to get to work. Arranging for a fall maintenance visit from an HVAC technician is the best way to ensure that your furnace will operate reliably until the spring.

We’re offering something much better than a fast, superficial inspection for your furnace, however. Right now, you can have a deep cleaning and tune-up for your heating system for only $159. Call us today to schedule this vital service.

Why This Maintenance Is So Important

  • It prevents sudden breakdowns: The last thing you want to happen during one of the coldest days of the winter is for your furnace to shut down and stop working completely. But this is a risk if your furnace isn’t cared for with a fall cleaning and tune-up.
  • It stops other repair issues: Approximately 85% of the repairs that a furnace may need over its lifetime are preventable thanks to annual maintenance. That not only means fewer troubles in the winter but fewer repair bills.
  • It keeps the furnace running safely: Although gas furnaces are designed with safety uppermost in mind, a furnace can still turn hazardous if it doesn’t receive regular inspections. Maintenance is the best way to see that your furnace operates safely each winter.
  • It saves energy: As a furnace runs year after year, it will accumulate dust and dirt and suffer from wear. This will result in the furnace draining more power during operation and increasing your energy bill. A complete tune-up and deep cleaning will keep the furnace working at its most energy efficient so your bills don’t rise.
  • It extends equipment life: You can expect your furnace to live up to its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan—and sometimes past it—when you have it maintained each year.

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