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Let’s Talk About Your Boiler and Rust


When some people think of rust they might picture an old gate with rusty hinges, or rusty pipes in an abandoned building. Less likely to come to mind if the image of a boiler that is beginning to corrode.

Rust is never a good thing when it comes to your home’s comfort systems. Picturing a rusted pipe probably made you cringe because you know it indicates a leak. When your boiler begins to rust, you should have the same reaction.

But what causes your boiler to rust? And how do you fix the issue?

We can provide you the answers below. In the interim, however, we encourage you to reach out for professional help if you think that your boiler might be beginning to rust.

What Rust Means

Rust is a bad sign that indicates your boiler system is on a path to corrosion. This issue pops up when oxygen is able to find its way into your heating system. Once it gets in, it will react with the combination of metal and water to start to form rust.

Other causes of rust could be the acidity of the water within the system being too high, or sediment or dirt getting into the heater from compromised underground piping.

What To Look For

Unfortunately, rust will normally form on the inside of your boiler system, making it hard to find this problem. That is one of the many reasons that it is recommended you reach out to a professional if you are worried about potential boiler corrosion.

However, this does not mean that rust will never appear on the outside of your system. It is entirely possible to find rust on the exterior of your boiler.

Aside from external rust on your boiler, you will want to look for any cracks or small cuts in your boiler that could allow oxygen to make its way into your heating system.

Whether it is visible or not, rust is never good and, if you notice it around your boiler heater, you should call in a professional technician right away. The sooner you schedule maintenance and repairs, the more likely you are to save your system from having to be replaced entirely.

What To Do

Whether you have noticed rust on the outside of your heater or believe that there might be a risk of corrosion at all, we urge you to reach out to a professional for boiler services. A trained professional will be able to identify any internal issues within your heating system and repair them before they destroy your boiler and your savings account along with it.

Don’t put off your boiler repair service in Staten Island, NY! Remember, the longer you wait the more likely it is that your boiler won’t be able to be saved.

If you aren’t sure that you will know when to call for a system check-up, you may also want to consider looking into a maintenance program. A program like the one offered through Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning will provide you with the peace of mind you want because you know that we are always on the lookout for any problems with your boiler heater.

Contact Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a service for your boiler today or to learn more about our maintenance plans. Serving Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955.

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