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Serving Staten Island's Heating and A/C needs since 1950


Duct Repair and Replacement in Staten Island, NY

When we first started as a company many decades ago, we were actually focused primarily in sheet metal roofing. But as demands for central heating and air conditioning went up, we soon switched over to sheet metal ducting, before becoming a company primarily focused on heating and air conditioning systems in 1950.

In other words, we know ducts! When your ducts are leaking, they can raise your energy bills dramatically. We can provide duct repairs and sealing services that don’t involve the use of standard home duct tape (which is ineffective and unsafe!). And if you have old, unsafe, dilapidated ductwork, we can replace that too. Call us for duct services, and know that your HVAC system is in good hands. Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving Staten Island’s heating and AC needs since 1950.

How to Tell You Need Duct Services

Now, your ductwork is probably mainly hidden from view. And that’s a good thing. You don’t want some unsightly ductwork on the ceiling or on the walls. But that means it’s a little more difficult to tell if there’s a leak in the ducts. Since you won’t be able to see a leak—and many are too small to see even with a really good flashlight—you’ll need professionals to tell for sure. But there are some signs to look out for.

  • Low Airflow – When air leaks out of a breach in the ducts, less of it comes through to your living space. That could explain the lack of airflow coming into your home, although an AC or heating issue could be responsible. Contact specialists who will look at the ducts to be sure.
  • Some Rooms Don’t Get Comfortable – When some rooms cannot get as cool or as warm as the rest of the home, it could be because a portion of the ductwork is leaking or collapsed.
  • Hot or Cold Spots – When some parts of a room have hot or cold spots, it may be due to poorly sealed ducts or even air leaks around the home.

Don’t Wait to Replace Your Ducts

When your air ducts are not working properly, you cannot afford to go for too long without them. Temporary heating and cooling solutions are often highly inefficient, and the annual cost adds up. Call a professional if you’ve been living with dilapidated ducts, so you can restore central heat and air to your home ASAP! You deserve to have clean, comfortable air moving throughout your home, and to work with a company that will do the job right.

Call Professional Ductwork Specialists

Ductwork repair and replacement are not jobs to leave to amateurs. Most tools available to the average person at a hardware store aren’t right for the job. And sometimes, improper duct repair or replacement causes further damage! Instead, work with a team that’s been doing this since 1950.

The experienced professionals at Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning are here for all of your comfort needs. Call us if you suspect that you need duct services, and we will carefully inspect your system and let you know of all of the options available for your home in Staten Island, NY. Call today!

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