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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Staten Island, NY

If you don’t feel like the air that flows through your home each day is very fresh, you’re not alone. Many homeowners have issues keeping the air in a home comfortable, even when it is perfectly cooled or heated to their preferred temperatures. This could be due to humidity issues or air contamination. But often, it has to do with whether you’re getting enough fresh air coming into the home.

Call your local HVAC technicians to hear about how a heat or energy recovery ventilator can improve your home in Staten Island, NY. A good heat ventilation system can make a difference in your comfort and in your mood, but the system must be installed correctly. With Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning, you get top-notch service and excellent workmanship every time, no matter how big or how small the job may be. If you need heat and energy recovery ventilator service or installation, make us your first and only call!

How Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery Work

Letting fresh air into a home is easy. You just open up a window…right? Of course, this isn’t practical when it’s cold outside and you’ve got the heater running, or when it’s hot out and the air conditioner is on. In fact, it can cause a lot of trouble for your comfort systems, which run into trouble when they’re forced to cool or heat a much larger space than they’re designed for.

Heat recovery ventilation (an HRV) allows for fresh air to enter the home without too much heat gain or loss. In the winter, incoming fresh air is brought in with the help of a fan. First, it passes by a heat exchanger. The heat from the stale air that gets exhausted outdoors transfers to the fresh air coming in, so that efficiency is not affected very much. In the summer, heat from the incoming fresh air gets transfer to the air leaving the home.

An ERV system (energy recovery ventilator) works the same way. The only difference is that they can also transfer moisture along with heat. Ask your technician which system is the right choice for your climate and your home.

Our Ventilation Services

When you are looking for better ventilation for a more comfortable, healthier home, call our team. We offer the services you need to get a little fresh air into the place you spend a lot of your time. In fact, most people spend about 90% of their lives indoors, and the indoor air can be up to 5 times worse than the outdoor air in an average home or building! Getting this under control can help your family immensely.

Call us for ERV and HRV systems and services in Staten Island, NY. We have many years of service in the industry, and we’re happy to advise and assist you in all of your climate control and indoor air quality needs. Get top–notch service every time, no matter what type of work you need done, from the friendly experts at Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning!

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