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4 Signs It’s Time For a Water Heater Upgrade.

Discolored Hot Water

If rust-tinged water is coming from your faucets, it means you likely have corrosion. You may want to start by calling us for a water heater flush but depending on the age of your system, this could be a sign for replacement.  

Unusually High Water Bills

Have you noticed your water bills have increased from where they were this time last year? This could be due to sediment build-up, failing components, or simply old age leading to inefficiency. 

Old Age

How old is your current water heater? If it’s reaching 10 years old, it’s definitely time to consider replacement. Even if it still runs, it’s likely not operating as efficiently as possible.

Frequent Repair Needs

Every appliance is going to need a repair once in a while. But when a repair every few years turns into a repair every year, it’s time to consider if it would be better financially to replace your system.

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