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Before Calling for Cooling Repair… Some Checks to Make

Spinning-fan-closeupThe time of the year when air conditioning systems will put in the biggest share of their annual workload is almost here. Before the mid-year heat comes roaring through Staten Island, we’d like to take some time to prep you for how to handle those days when your household AC isn’t, well, quite up to the task of keeping everyone cool.

Look, any air conditioning system can break. It doesn’t matter how well it was installed or maintained, no AC is invincible. (Certainly, quality installation and regular maintenance are the best way to prevent problems, but this can’t be perfect!) However, often when people think they have a busted air conditioner on their hands, the problem is a small one they can fix by checking a few things.

Although our technicians are happy to help you with all your central air conditioning needs in Staten Island, NY, we also want to help you avoid making an unnecessary service call. When you have an air conditioner that’s starting to act strange, lose cooling power, or has failed entirely, there are a few checks we recommend you make first before calling for repair service. Even if you can’t solve the problem on your own, you’ll have some extra information to give to our technicians when they arrive, and this will help repairs go faster.

Check the thermostat settings

Thermostats are more complex devices than ever before, so you may have made a mistaken adjustment to yours—or someone else in the house may have—that’s caused the current problems you’re encountering. Look over the thermostat to see that it’s set the way you want it. You may find a blank thermostat screen, in which case the unit may require a new set of batteries.

Look into the circuit breaker panel

If your AC isn’t running at all and the blower fan won’t turn on, there’s a chance the system has overloaded a circuit and caused a breaker to trip. Look over the electrical panel and reset any tripped breaker, then try the air conditioner again. If the AC comes back on, only to trip the breaker once more, then you’ll know there is an electrical malfunction somewhere. This requires AC repair technicians to fix.

See if the air filter is clogged

An air conditioning system that isn’t providing air that’s cool enough, or which is suffering from poor airflow, may have a clogged air filter. This filter is usually located next to the blower unit that works for both the air conditioner and the furnace. It collects dust and debris over time, and needs to be exchanged for a fresh filter every 1 to 6 months (depending on the filter type). If the filter is clogged up with lint and dust, put in a fresh filter and see if that fixes the air conditioning problems.

Check that the power is on

This might seem a bit silly to bring up, but sometimes during the daylight people can miss that their home’s power is out and that’s the reason the AC won’t turn on. Just a friendly reminder!

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