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It’s Summer—But It’s Not Too Late for AC Maintenance!

checkmark-greenThis week is the official start of summer. That doesn’t mean it gets instantly hot, of course. Sometimes summer weather starts in early, and sometimes the “June Gloom” hangs around for a stretch. The weather here in Staten Island is already climbing up past warm and will soon reach hot—so we hope you’ve already had your annual air conditioning maintenance done. It’s the best way to have your AC “armored up” to make it through the gauntlet of summer heat.

If you haven’t had maintenance done … no time like the present! With most of the summer still ahead, you’ll receive the best benefits of maintenance and prevent major AC troubles.

Never Skip a Year of Maintenance

Although we encourage our customers to arrange for their air conditioning maintenance tune-up and inspection in the spring to take advantage of the slower season and to ensure the system is prepped before hot weather, maintenance simply needs to be done annually—even if it’s late. This is a solid case of “better late than never.”

Here are some of the troubles you may run into if you decide to skip a few years of maintenance here and there:

  • A shorter system life: Inspecting an AC from problems and routinely tuning it up and adjusting it are essential for helping it reach its maximum lifespan. You can get a central AC to around 15 years of efficient and effective service thanks to regular maintenance. Without maintenance, that lifespan starts to drop.
  • Increased repairs: The inspection part of maintenance pinpoints where repairs can be halted before they start, and the tune-up reduces the stress that leads to malfunctions. This can stop 85% of the repairs a system may need. You don’t want to see a steep increase in repair costs due to missed maintenance.
  • Drop in efficiency: Each year that an air conditioner goes without maintenance will cause a decline in its efficiency rating. The AC will cost more and more to run. On average, you’ll save $30 per month on your summer cooling costs if you keep up with maintenance.
  • Voided warranty: The equipment warranty on an air conditioner protects you from paying for repairs that are due to factory defects. But the warranty will only remain in force if the AC receives annual professional maintenance.

Scheduling AC Maintenance Is Easy

It doesn’t take more than a phone call to our HVAC experts to schedule your annual air conditioning maintenance. We’re always glad to provide this essential service. To make it even easier, we offer an air conditioning maintenance program in Staten Island, NY, the Bob Mims Maintenance Agreement. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you’ll have year-round protection for both your air conditioning and heating system. The maintenance agreement also provides you with priority scheduling (jump to the head of the service queue), a 15% discount on repairs, and same day guaranteed service for when you have AC or heating emergencies.

Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning has served Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955. Move fast to schedule your AC maintenance!

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