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Skipping Spring AC Maintenance Can Mean Plenty of Wasted Dollars

air-conditioning-maintenance-toolsSpring is the best time to schedule annual air conditioning maintenance in Staten Island, NY. Having this job done before summer arrives helps ensure an AC is in great shape when hot weather arrives, and it gives a homeowner enough time to schedule any repairs that the technician may have discovered during the maintenance inspection. To schedule your regular AC maintenance, call our office to sign up for one of our Bob Mims Service Agreements.

Skip a Year, Now and Then? Please Don’t!

Spring is always a busy time of the year as people get numerous chores done and set aside the time for a vacation in the summer. With such crowded schedules, a few jobs may slip through the calendar cracks. Unfortunately, regular air conditioning maintenance is often one of those essential tasks that gets skipped—either intentionally or unintentionally.

When you’ve signed up for a maintenance program, you won’t have to worry about forgetting maintenance—we’ll remind you when it’s time. But you still may consider putting it off for a year, because it can’t be that important. But it is!

How Missing Maintenance Wastes Money

Annual air conditioning system maintenance is an investment: you put money into it to get money back in savings. Lack of maintenance will add up to bigger costs over the years:

  • More repairs: Routine maintenance removes stress from an AC and helps to prevent repair problems. In fact, it can prevent 85% of the repairs the system may need over its service life. Without maintenance, you’re looking at many more repairs!
  • Higher operating costs: As an AC ages, it picks up wear, tear, and dirt. These make it less efficient, so that each time it comes on it drains more electricity than it should. Skipping maintenance can lead to you paying 25% more to run the system.
  • Chance of a surprise breakdown: This worst-case-scenario for an air conditioner is for it to breakdown during a hot summer day. You don’t want to be rushing to find repairs while your family sweats it out until help arrives. Spring maintenance is the best protection an AC can have against a sudden breakdown during the summer.
  • Voided warranty: You may not know it, but the warranty for your air conditioning system requires that the AC receive routine professional maintenance. A voided warranty can leave you on the hook for repairs or a full replacement because of a factory fault.
  • Early system replacement: Maintenance helps an air conditioner last for as long as possible. If you stay diligent with annual service visits, you can expect your AC to work for around 15 years and sometimes more. But skipping service takes years off an AC’s life—you may end up replacing your system years before you should, and that’s a big waste of money.

We want your home to stay cool and for you to enjoy less expensive comfort. That’s why we provide regular tune-ups and inspections for your AC system through our service agreements. Speak to us today for more details and to arrange for your spring maintenance.

Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning has served Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955. Sign up for a service agreement in time for summer.

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