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Spring Is Almost Here: Time for an AC Tune-Up!


The time between winter and summer is when HVAC technicians help customers get their air conditioning systems ready for hot weather. Technicians are dealing with fewer emergency calls for heating repair, and that makes it much easier for customers to schedule an annual AC inspection and tune-up.

We strongly encourage you to arrange for your annual AC maintenance services early this spring. It’s okay if you do it a bit later, but please don’t skip it entirely!

AC Maintenance Is Mandatory!

No, you won’t get fined if you don’t have your air conditioner maintained—but you’ll likely end up spending a lot more money to run the air conditioner, repair it, only to end up replacing it early.

  • Maintenance is one of the most effective ways to avoid a cooling system malfunction. The inspections technicians will locate where problems may be starting, and usually they can fix the trouble on the spot. If they can’t, they can schedule a full repair—and you’ll have a potentially major problem taken care of before summer arrives.
  • The tune-ups tasks (lubricating motors, cleaning the unit, tightening electrical connections, and more) will ensure the system runs at the highest possible efficiency. You won’t end up paying more to operate a run-down cooling system.
  • Regular maintenance extends equipment life. Without regular service, an AC may only reach half its estimated lifespan. This can mean having to replace the air conditioner eight years too early!
  • The manufacturer’s warranty on an air conditioner may be voided if it misses maintenance. You never want to lose this vital protection, since you might get stuck with a high repair or replacement bill because of a factory fault that would otherwise be covered.

Finding Out If You Need a New AC

Regular maintenance is also an opportunity to discover if your older AC is getting to the point where it’s best to retire it. If the air conditioner is 15 years old or more, talk to the technicians about whether it’s more cost-effective to leave off repairs and more maintenance and instead schedule an air conditioning installation in Staten Island, NY. You can trust that our HVAC experts will give you an honest answer to point you toward the best outcome.

Our Maintenance Agreement Benefits

When you sign up for one of our maintenance agreements, you’ll receive the necessary annual tune-ups and inspections. You’ll also receive excellent additional benefits:

  • Priority scheduling so you can jump to the front of the service queue.
  • Same-day guaranteed service for emergency calls received before 3 p.m.
  • A discounted diagnostic fee—a savings of over $40!
  • A 15% discount off parts and labor for repairs.
  • A discount on additional systems added to an existing contract.

We stand behind our work, and have since we started in the business. We want our customers to trust that we’ll come through for them. You’ll see familiar faces each time we arrive to maintain your HVAC equipment. All our employees wear photo IDs so you’ll have extra peace of mind.

Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning—Serving Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955. Schedule your AC tune-up service early!

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