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Time to Think About Air Conditioning Maintenance

servince-reminder-clockIt’s March and spring will soon be sprung upon us. In the world of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, this means it’s time for AC maintenance for customers.

Maintenance requires a professional HVAC contractor in Staten Island, NY. This isn’t a job you can handle with a checklist printed up from an do-it-yourself site. It requires experience, training, and special tools.

Do I Really Need AC Maintenance Every Year?

Well, no. But you don’t really need to take your car in for regular maintenance, and you don’t really need to get regular check-ups with a doctor. You can see where we’re going with this: annual maintenance is only necessary if you want to get the best service and longest lifespan from your AC. If you don’t mind higher bills, dealing with three times as many repair problems, or having to pay for a replacement system years early, then yes, you don’t need annual maintenance!

The Goals of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

We hope we have you convinced that scheduling spring maintenance for your AC is an important job you don’t want to miss. When an HVAC professional comes to your home to conduct maintenance, they’ll do all the work necessary to achieve these goals:

  • Make the system reliable for summer – This is the #1 purpose of having a spring check-up and tune-up: giving the air conditioner the best chance to make it through another hot summer without suffering from a breakdown or a drop in cooling power. The peace of mind alone is worth the price of maintenance.
  • Find and fix repairs early – The thorough inspection a technician gives an air conditioner searches for places where the system may need repairs. Repair problems often start small and are difficult to notice—until they get worse. Maintenance provides technicians a chance to catch trouble early and remedy it.
  • Maintain system efficiency – The wear that accumulates on an air conditioner over even a single summer can cut into how efficiently it runs. And that means higher utility bills. Maintenance cleans and adjusts the system to reduce the effects of this aging so the system retains its original energy efficiency as much as possible and keeps away high cooling costs.
  • Extend equipment life – This is the long game of spring maintenance: to see the air conditioner lasts for as many useful years as possible. An AC can often work for 15 years if it’s regularly maintained. Without maintenance, it might only last eight years—or even less.

Get a Jump on Maintenance Today

It doesn’t matter if it’s still cold outside—now is the time to arrange for this year’s AC maintenance appointment. In fact, on a cool day is one of the best days to have a technician come to your home for the job, because you won’t need the air conditioner running.

You can set up regular maintenance by signing up for our service agreement. Call us and we’ll get you on the schedule for the first day that’s convenient for you. The service agreement also includes heating maintenance for the fall.

Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning: Serving Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955.

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