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Two Ways to Get Zone Control In Your Home

temperature-gaugeWouldn’t it be nice to keep different areas of your home at different temperatures?
You could keep your home gym cooler to be more comfortable for working out. Or the person who is always freezing can crank up the heat in their room without sweating out the rest of the family.

We’ve got great news! It’s possible to set up a Staten Island zone control system for heating and cooling in your home. Let’s look at two ways to do it here!

What Is Zone Control?

A zone control system is ingenious for families who are always battling over the temperature in the home. Further, it is the perfect answer to problems such as the kitchen getting overheated from cooking while the rest of the house feels cold.

You simply divide up your home into different temperature zones. With the zone control system, you can control the temperature of each zone independently, ensuring maximum comfort for every inhabitant in the home.

How a Zone Control System Works

The system is composed of three parts — a control panel, thermostats, and electronic dampers.

You and your HVAC technician will divide your home into different zones based on your needs. A thermostat is assigned to each zone and then connected to a central control panel.

Electronic dampers are also installed in each zone. They are designed to allow more airflow or reduce airflow to adjust the temperature accordingly. These dampers are also connected to the central control panel.

Choose a different temperature for each zone. The system then opens or closes the dampers as needed to reach the desired temperature in each zone.

Zone Control Through Ductless Systems

If you have a ducted system, you can install a zone control system to work with your existing HVAC. This is a great option if you don’t need to change your existing system

However, there is another option that is particularly attractive if your ductwork is in bad shape and needs to be replaced.

A ductless system, or ductless mini-split, is a wonderful option for those interested in zone control as well as a cost-effective and energy-efficient climate control solution. By moving heat into or out of your home a ductless system can help control your indoor temperature easily. What’s more, because it uses multiple air handlers, it can operate without ductwork and automatically provides zone control because each air handler can be operated individually.

While a ductless system can be on the pricier side to install initially, it will quickly pay for itself in energy savings over time.

Ultimate Temperature Control

Ready to take charge of the temperature in every area of your home? Work with us! We are experts in installing zone control systems in Staten Island. We can help set up your home with a zone control system or we can help you install a ductless HVAC unit that offers you control and efficiency that you never knew was possible.

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