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You Can Enjoy a Ductless AC In These Situations, Too

It is rare to find two homes that are exactly alike with people who live there having the exact same comfort requirements. People and the places they call home are unique. And you deserve a comfort system that can keep up with your unique needs.

Let’s say you already have a working air conditioner in your home but it isn’t quite offering you enough help in some harder-to-reach areas. This is one of the many situations when a ductless system may offer some assistance.

Read on to discover how a ductless AC in Staten Island can provide additional support for your current home comfort system.

The Details On Ductless Systems

Ductless systems are a great fit for almost any home. Additionally, they are even a great fit to pair with another system to improve your overall comfort level.

These systems operate by connecting an outdoor unit to any number of indoor air handlers (that number is determined based on your needs). This set-up allows them to function effectively, providing whole-home comfort without the need for ductwork. Ductless systems are a great fit for homes that have no ductwork and have been getting by with space heaters and window ACs.

It also makes them extremely versatile and helpful in a range of less traditional situations.

Other Situations When a Ductless System Installation Is a Great Idea

Let’s say you already have a pretty good whole-home comfort system, such as a central AC. Would you still want to consider installing a ductless unit? You might if you need help getting comfortable in some of these more unique situations:

  • You need temperature control in your garage or attic: This is one of the more prevalent reasons that people add a ductless system to their home. Garages or attics really don’t get comfort from existing ducted systems, but you might actually need temperature control in these areas. Whether you set up the attic as a guest space or you run your business from your garage, a ductless system may be a great solution to keeping these areas comfortable.
  • The shed in the yard needs a comfort system: Maybe you have that workbench or mini-escape set up in a shed in your yard. Or maybe that’s the space that you’ve set up for your guests to have some privacy. Whatever you use it for, a ductless system can help keep it comfortable.
  • Home renovations or add-ons have created comfort trouble: You added a room or knocked out a wall and set things up differently. While your home looks great it may not be able to cooperate with your ducted system as well anymore. In fact, home add-ons may not be reachable by your ducts at all! Ductless systems provide solutions in these situations, offering great comfort without major changes to your ducts.

You can use ductless systems to help with one part of your home or to keep the entire house comfortable. Just make sure to work with an expert team like ours for any system installation you may need.

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