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3 Big Rewards of Heating Maintenance

technician-looking-at-gas-furnaceThere is no better time than October to schedule heating maintenance in Staten Island, NY. We’re in the ideal balancing point of fall, when weather is often still warm and the true cold hasn’t hit. HVAC technicians have fewer emergency calls to handle, making it more convenient to arrange for a time for heating maintenance with them.

But you may wonder if it’s worth it to schedule heating maintenance this year. Are you thinking maybe you can skip it, since you had it done last year? We want to change your mind about this! Every HVAC technician, as well as the US Department of Energy, recommends annual professional inspections and tune-ups for residential central heaters. This includes furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. Maintenance helps a household avoid many different troubles with their heating during the winter. The benefits far outweigh the small cost of scheduling this job. Here are three of the biggest rewards of having your heater maintained:

ONE: Lower Utility Bills

You spend plenty each winter to keep your home warm against the New York cold. You don’t want to spend more than you have to, and it’s maintenance that helps keep away unnecessary hikes in heating costs. Each year a furnace, heat pump, or boiler runs, it picks up stress and dirt that makes it work harder to provide warmth. Maintenance cleans and adjusts the system as well as fixes parts that are rapidly wearing down so the heater will run at maximum efficiency. You can expect to save 25% off your utility bills for the life of the system when you have maintenance done each year.

TWO: Fewer Repairs and Emergency Breakdowns

We could also call this “Peace of Mind,” because that’s the biggest reward of all. A heating system that receives professional inspections and tune-ups every year is at a far lower risk of malfunctions and full breakdowns. During the inspection, the technicians will locate any repairs that need to be done before the winter starts—and this can help avert 85% of all repair problems. That’s both saving you money and saving your comfort. (And with a gas-powered heater, it can keep you safe—another way to enjoy peace of mind.)

THREE: Longer Equipment Life

There’s no such thing as “the last heating system you’ll ever buy,” because all heaters eventually succumb to use and age. But you can delay having to replace the heater for many years when you keep up with maintenance with HVAC professionals. For example, a gas furnace can last from 15 to 20 years if it’s maintained. Without maintenance, that number will drop to around half. Replacing a furnace 7 to 10 years too early is a lot of money going to waste. (And while we’re here, we should point out you may void the warranty on your heater if you skip maintenance.)

You can schedule heating maintenance easily: call us and sign up for our Bob Mims Maintenance Agreement.

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