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5 Things to Love About Electric Furnaces

When you’re shopping around for a new furnace, you have a variety of options. For many homeowners, the choice comes down to a gas furnace or an electric furnace. While gas furnaces offer a variety of benefits, there are five reasons that we love electric furnaces in particular.

Whether you need furnace installation or furnace repair in Staten Island, NY, our team is who you want to call. We’re the experts in the area and we can help with all of your heating needs. You can keep reading to learn more about the unique benefits of an electric furnace and why you might want one for your home.

Less Expensive

An electric furnace is usually less expensive to install compared to a gas furnace or other heating model. Electric furnaces are fairly simple and don’t require a lot by way of connections for electricity. If you’re looking for a heater that costs less upfront, this may be the option. After all, replacing your heater can be a very expensive project when you consider that it can cost thousands of dollars. You’ll also save money on energy use and maintenance costs. 

Easy Maintenance

In addition to the cost savings when it comes to maintenance, electric furnaces are also easier to maintain compared to gas models. Because of the gas and pilot light, gas furnaces may require more work during a maintenance appointment. 

Our team would have to clean out build-up and soot in addition to making sure that gas lines and electrical lines are all secure. With an electric furnace we only have to worry about the electrical lines. Sure, we may have to clean out some dust and dirt from inside the system, but we would have to do that with any heater.

Long Lifespan

Electric furnaces are also known to have long lifespans. When you invest in an electric furnace, you can expect it to last for anywhere between 10-15 years. The better you take care of your electric furnace from month to month with homeowner maintenance as well as from year to year with professional maintenance, the longer the unit will last.


Safety is also a top priority for many homeowners. An electric furnace is very safe to operate. While you may have problems with electric wires from time to time, electric furnaces are much safer than gas models. When you have a gas furnace, you have to worry about gas leaks, which can be very difficult to identify since gas is colorless and odorless. With an electric furnace, you completely eliminate this risk.

Energy Efficiency

An electric furnace is also highly energy efficient. The efficiency of an electric furnace is slightly different from the efficiency of a gas furnace. A gas furnace is known for producing heat very quickly since there is an open flame and combustion process. However, a lot of energy gets lost during the combustion process, resulting in more energy being used than is necessary. 

With an electric furnace, 100% of the energy used by the system goes directly toward producing heat. Electric furnaces can take longer to heat up, but as long as you maintain the system well and make sure that ductwork is properly sealed, your electric furnace should not cost significantly more to operate compared to other options.

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