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Ensuring Better Heat Pump Performance


If you have a heat pump or any kind of HVAC system really, you want it to operate at its best. Anything less and you may think you wasted your money investing to install the system. We agree with you! That’s why we want to help.

Aside from scheduling a heat pump service in Staten Island with our team of professionals, you can also look at how you operate your system to ensure you get the most out of it. We’ll cover a couple of details you need to know about getting better heat pump performance below so you can enjoy a comfortable home without exorbitant costs.

Make Sure that Airflow is Unhindered

Your heat pump needs steady airflow entering it in order to adjust the temperature and then push that air back into the house. If something hinders that airflow it will both impede your heat pump’s effectiveness and its overall energy efficiency.

While you can’t exactly fix a broken fan blade inside the heat pump, there are other things that you can do to ensure air can enter and exit the system without a struggle. The first way that you can do this is by making it a habit to change your filter. A dirty filter can seriously hinder the strength of the air flowing into the system. Thankfully, filter changes are easy to do!

You can help keep the airflow out of your system strong and steady by double-checking the air handlers and vents. Make sure they’re open and aren’t blocked by any decor or furniture. Even something as seemingly simple as a garland can mess with the air trying to enter your home and can increase the level of stress on your heat pump.

Know the Signs of a Repair Need

Repairs will pop up now and then over the course of your heat pump’s lifespan. Rather than trying to work around them or ignore them, we advocate for trying to identify them as early on as possible so you can have the issue addressed. Warning signs that you should watch for include:

  • Concerning noises: Hissing, clanging, rattling, or screeching are sounds that you shouldn’t hear from your system.
  • Bad smells: The smell of dirty old socks, acrid odors, or a sickly sweet smell can indicate a variety of issues to address in your heat pump.
  • Short cycling: If your heat pump turns on and then turns back off within a few minutes, you may have problems with short cycling. This is incredibly hard on your system so make sure to have a short cycling heat pump addressed ASAP.

You deserve to get optimal operation from your heat pump but sometimes that does require some extra effort at times. We never expect you to try to clean out or repair your heat pump by yourself but understanding some of the basics we’ve described above can go a long way in helping you enjoy better operation from your system when it counts.

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