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Is Your Heater Dirty?

gas-furnace-burners-combustion-chamberThere are plenty of different issues that your heating system can run into. Did you know that getting dirty can be one of them? We know it can be a surprise but it is true. If the internal workings of your heating system become overly dirty, it can hinder its ability to create heat and can even create a safety risk if allowed to go unaddressed for too long.

So, how do you handle a dirty heater? While it can help to run a dust rag over the inside of your furnace blower door, we urge you to leave the rest to a professional technician. We can address the dirty build-up in your heater and a variety of other issues with our heating maintenance in Staten Island, NY.

What’s The Issue With a Dirty Heater?

There are many people who may not realize the impact that the build-up of dirt and debris can have on their heater. We want you to know that even a little bit of dirt can hinder the heating comfort for your home. When dirt gets into your heating system is can make it hard for your system to create heat. For example, in a furnace, built-up dirt can clog the burners and mess with the system’s ignition which can create a problem for your comfort and your safety. In other systems, debris may hinder the ability of the unit to transfer heat into your home.

The problems the dirt creates apply to any type of heater including furnaces, heat pumps, and even radiant heating systems. Thankfully, we have experience with every kind of heating system so we can address your heater cleaning needs no matter what type of unit you have.

Signs Your Heater Needs To Be Cleaned

So, how do you know that you have an issue with your heating system having collected too much dirt? There are a few warning signs to watch for that will let you know it is time for a maintenance check.

  • Your filter is clogged. When was the last time you checked your heater filter? If it’s been a long while, it may be that your filter has become overly clogged with dirt and other debris which can hinder airflow or allow excess debris to get into your system and mess with the heating process.
  • There is a problem with the creation of heat. If too much dirt gets into your heating system it can seriously mess with the unit’s ability to create heat. Like we mentioned above, dirt can clog the burners in a furnace or cover the evaporator coil in your heat pump which will hinder the heating process.
  • There is dirt exiting your vents, air handlers, or registers. When you turn on the heater do you see dirty air blowing into your home? If so, a technician needs to come by to clean your ducts and/or change your filter to address the dirty build-up.

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