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Reminder: Fall Is the Time to Schedule Heating Maintenance

Before you turn on your furnace for the winter season, you need to complete a few steps to ensure it is ready to work all season long. Aside from checking over the unit yourself, you also want a professional to take a look at the inside of your furnace to make sure all of the components are in great condition.

Skipping heating maintenance often turns into the need for heating repair in Staten Island, NY. And that’s something no one looks forward to. Ideally, you do want our team to fix things during a tune-up before they become a big problem for your furnace. You can keep reading to learn why scheduling furnace maintenance now is a great idea.

Avoid a Winter Appointment

Perhaps one of the best reasons to schedule heater maintenance now is to stay ahead of the uptick in demand that we experience during the winter season. Right now heater service is not a huge priority for many people because they are still using their air conditioners.

By scheduling your appointment now, you can get ahead of the crowd. If you put off the service, you may be left calling us during the peak of the season when we get a large influx of requests. This can result in a longer timeframe between when we receive your call and when we are able to service your home.

Prevent Fire and Health Hazards

Another reason to prioritize heater maintenance now is for safety reasons. A heater tune-up is a great opportunity for our team to ensure that your electrical connections and gas lines are all secure. It is completely normal for components to wear down over time, including those that connect to utilities like electricity and natural gas. When we can inspect these components once per year, it gives us an opportunity to stay ahead of potential problems. You can avoid a gas leak or loose electrical connections that in a worst-case scenario, may result in a fire.

Extend the Lifespan

Investing in heater maintenance also helps your heater to last longer. When you take care of your investment, it’s going to last longer than if you skip out on annual tune-ups. A furnace can last for anywhere between 15-30 years. 

That’s a pretty big range, and the difference between replacing your furnace sooner or later all comes down to maintenance. You have steps to take as a homeowner to care for your furnace all along, but it is also important to engage our team and allow us the opportunity to work on your furnace as well.

Gain Efficiency

When you are consistent with your annual furnace tune-ups, you can maintain energy efficiency across the lifespan of your heater. Without maintenance, the components that get loose and wear down put a strain on the system, making it work harder to keep your home comfortable. 

But when all of these connections are secure and components get replaced in a timely manner, your furnace will be more efficient. The savings may not be a whole lot from month to month, but they can add up over the life of your furnace.

Improve Comfort

And let’s face it, a more efficient furnace is also going to heat your home better. It’s not just about saving energy, it’s also about keeping your home comfortable. Without maintenance, your heater may struggle to meet your heating expectations. As a result, you may have hot and cold spots in your house for a lack of heating overall.

Serving Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955. Contact the Bob Mims team to schedule an appointment for your furnace service today!

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