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Schedule a Tune-Up for Your Heater Early!

servince-reminder-clockSome rain, some cloudy weather, some warm temperatures … we’re already starting to feel a bit of fall creep in, even though the official start of fall is (as of this writing) a bit over a week away. Could you stand for a bit of fall planning now? It’s always a smart idea to get started on something you may procrastinate on later. And it’s pretty easy to procrastinate on taking care of your household heating system when you’re deep in the middle of other fall activities and home winterizing.

But don’t worry! This planning is easy, because you just have to leave the work to us. Contact our office to schedule a deep cleaning and tune-up for your furnace or other residential heating system.

Why a Heating Tune-Up Is So Important

We know the word “maintenance” often causes people to groan. It’s something you automatically feel like skipping the moment you hear it. Trust us, we have the same reactions ourselves for some things. But when it comes to taking care of a furnace or other home heat, we know why it’s so crucial to have it done without fail each fall. And the earlier you arrange for your heater’s tune-up and deep cleaning, the easier it will be to schedule! Plus, you’ll be ready for any surprise early cold snap.

Here are just a few reasons why keeping up with heating tune-ups is important:

  • Equipment longevity: You want your heater to work effectively for as many years as possible. Why spend money to replace something early? Maintenance is the best way to ensure the longest service life for your equipment.
  • Reduced repairs: Did you know that 85% of repairs a heater may need during its lifetime can be avoided thanks to regular inspections and tune-ups? Think of how much money you’ll save, as well as time, when 85% of repair problems never even occur.
  • Safety: Gas furnaces and gas boilers are common here in Staten Island. They aren’t inherently unsafe—but that’s only when they have routine inspections and cleanings. To keep your family safe during the winter with a gas heating system, make sure it’s professionally checked before winter.
  • Energy savings: The buildup of wear and tear on a heater, no matter what kind, will affect its ability to perform at peak energy efficiency. With each passing season when the heater misses getting a tune-up, it will cost more and more to operate. When you keep current with maintenance, you’ll have a heater operating at 95% of its efficiency for almost its entire service life.
  • Avoid emergencies: Finally, if you have your heater given an early professional check, you’ll have a chance to correct any hidden repair issues before winter. This means there’s far less likely a chance the heater will suddenly breakdown during the coldest day of the winter.

We have a long history heating Staten Island, NY homes. No matter if you have a furnace, boiler, heat pump, ductless mini split, or radiant in-floor system, you can rely on us to get it tuned-up and ready for whatever the winter weather may have in store.

Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning: Serving Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955.

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