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What to Check before You Call for a Heating Repair

When a heating system stops working correctly in the middle of a cold day or night, it’s a serious emergency. But it’s not a time to panic: not only do you have access to our superb heating repair professionals when you need us, but there are also some steps to take that may solve the heating problem before you need to call us. At times, the issue may actually be a simple one to resolve. Below is a list of what to do when you lose heating power from your furnace or other comfort system:

  • Check the circuit breaker panel: One of the more common reasons for a heating system failure is that the heater overloaded the circuit and tripped a breaker. This applies to gas-powered systems as well, since they require electrical power to run their fans and for the new electronic ignition systems. Reset the tripped breaker and try the heater again. If the tripped breaker problem persists, there’s probably an electrical fault that needs professional repairs.
  • Examine the thermostat: The batteries in the thermostat may have died, and that means no instructions will go to the heater. There’s also the chance that the thermostat has been programmed incorrectly, such as someone bumping into it or a child playing with the settings.
  • See if the air filter is clogged: This is one of the leading reasons for unnecessary calls for repairs. A clogged filter can cause a heating system to lose airflow entirely, or at least underperform. Change the filter for a clean one and see if that fixes the issue. (And remember to regularly change the filter in the future.)
  • Examine the outdoor condenser: This is for heat pumps. If anything is stacked against the compressor—and that includes snow—it will make it difficult if not impossible for the heat pump to draw heat from the outside and move it side.
  • Is the heater plugged in? We know this sounds silly, but make sure that the heater is hooked up to the power system. Yes, this does happen.

Now that you’ve exhausted the simple options, it’s time to put in a call to our team. We’ll have your heater back in great shape in no time.

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