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What to Look for in a Service Contractor

We live in a world of near-instant information. Sometimes this makes life much easier, such as when you absolutely must know how many seasons The Brady Bunch was on TV. (Answer: 5. I found that out in mere seconds.) But it can also make life more difficult, such as when you need to find an HVAC contractor in your area. You put in a few search words into a browser, and suddenly you’re looking at a long list of far too many choices. How do you pick the ideal one?

Below is a list of criteria to look for in an HVAC contractor. These are signs of a company that can deliver quality:

  • Years in business: It’s perfectly possible for a company that has only been in business for a few years to deliver excellent work. But it’s far safer to look for a company that has a decade—at least—of history. This indicates a contactor with experience as well as the trust of the community.
  • Guarantees: A contractor that stands by the work of its employees will offer customer reassurances with guarantees. Look for a contractor who has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Professional affiliations: Belonging to the local Chamber of Commerce is always a good sign. But also look for a contractor with affiliations such as ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America).
  • A range of services: Does the contractor only offer a narrow range of services for heating and cooling? You want to find a company that can not only repair and install an air conditioner or heating system, but also works with indoor air quality, zone controls, and thermostats.

Of course, we wouldn’t bring up all this criteria in the first place if we couldn’t meet them! We’ve been in business since 1955, we’re ACCA members, and we offer a 100% guarantee on all our work. And along with our many HVAC services, we also work with water heaters.

Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning—Servicing the Heating and AC Needs of Staten Island, NY Since 1955.

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