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Why Is My Boiler Making Strange Sounds?

shocked-by-loud-noiseOctober is over, but we want to mention something about “haunted houses”—most hauntings are really noises coming from pipes and plumbing. These noises can be pretty startling sometimes, and they can be more frightening when you know where they’re really coming from.

For example, what if you find your boiler making bizarre sounds you’ve never heard from it before? It’ll probably cause you to worry that something is wrong with it, or that it might burst.

You shouldn’t panic over boiler noises—bursting is extremely rare—but you should be concerned. Call for boiler repair in Staten Island, NY to have the problem investigated and any necessary fixes performed.

Some Possible Sources for Boiler Noises

While you’re waiting for assistance to arrive, you can read over some of the possible reasons you’ve got a noisy, spooky boiler in your home.

  • Kettling – When you hear banging and clunking sounds from the boiler tank, it’s probably kettling. The reason for this is the development of limescale inside the boiler that has created a layer between the heat exchanger (the part the gas jets heat up to send heat into the tank) and the water. The layer of water boils up through the scale and creates these noises. You’ll want this fixed because limescale will cut down on the boiler’s energy efficiency—it’s harder to transfer heat through a layer of scale—and because it causes damage inside the boiler that will shorten the system’s lifespan.
  • Gurgling – This may be due to air trapped inside the boiler. A boiler is supposed to have no air inside it in order to help prevent corrosion, but air can enter through leaks somewhere in the piping. You definitely want leaks repaired! If leaks aren’t the problem, technicians can easily arrange to drain out the air in the system. During extremely cold weather, it may indicate a pipe frozen somewhere—which you want professionals to thaw out for you.
  • Whistling – This sound may alarm you, but it’s likely its related to kettling or to air trapped inside the boiler. Another possibility is partial blockage in one of the pipes or a spike in water pressure in the system from overheating.

(Note that all of the above sounds might be heard in the radiators around your house. These are also a reason to call for heating professionals.)

Please do not attempt any boiler repair work on your own, even if you think the sound is a small problem. This is especially important if you have a gas-powered boiler, which is the most common type of boiler in the area. Only a certified technician is legally allowed to work on a boiler that’s connect to a gas main. This is to ensure your home and the neighborhood remains safe. If you have a gas boiler that’s causing you concern, shut off the gas line to the boiler first, then call for our heating professionals to find out what’s wrong and fix it.

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