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These 3 Systems Can Help You Breathe Easier

woman-with-allergiesWhen it comes to the air in your home, how do you judge its quality? It is probably hard to do so, at least beyond the general idea of feeling like things are a little too dusty to be comfortable. So if you aren’t sure how to determine the quality of the air in your home, how can you figure out where to start when trying to improve it?

You can start right here with help from the pros at Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning. By coming to us you can get help assessing the quality of the air in your home and get expert recommendations on how to improve it. We’ll go over the factors to consider and the systems that will be the most helpful here to give you a good head start.

What Impacts My Indoor Air Quality?

First things first, what can help or hinder your indoor air quality? There are a few factors to consider which include:

  • Levels of dust, dirt, and debris.
  • Presence of scent-causing particles.
  • Humidity levels, high or low.
  • Levels of fur, pollen, and other allergy irritants.

3 Systems That  Can Improve Your Indoor Air

Having trouble with your allergies? Can’t seem to get rid of the smell of last month’s dinner? Noticing that your dusting efforts seem to barely make a dent as of late? These are all signs of poor indoor air quality! We have the systems that can and will help.

  1. Air filtration systemsAir filters take what your HVAC filter does and apply it to the air in your home. An HVAC filter is made to protect the internal components of your air conditioner from dust and debris; a whole-home air filtration system is made to do that for all the air being pushed into the house. Air filtration systems installed within your ducts help to capture and remove a variety of contaminants including dust, dirt, pollen, fur, and more.
  2. Air purification systems: Air filtration systems are pretty effective at keeping the air in your home clean but they cannot capture everything. This is why some homeowners may want to consider an air purification system. An air purifier in Staten Island, NY can take things up another notch. Air purifiers use electricity or UV light to tackle additional contaminants in your home’s air such as mold spores, viruses bacteria, and even scent-causing particles.
  3. Whole-house dehumidifierLast but not least we also want to tell you about whole-house dehumidifiers. Unlike portable dehumidifiers, these systems are once again added into your ductwork where they can help improve the quality of all of the air entering your home. Whole-house systems help to reduce the amount of excess humidity in your home’s air, allowing you to achieve that optimal humidity level of 30 to 50%.

Not sure if you could use an indoor air quality system? Why not ask a professional? You can come to our team to get the air quality inside of your home assessed and discuss the best possible options for improving it.

Contact Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointmentServing Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955. 

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