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4 Indicators It Is Time For a New Water Heater

cold-water-showerTaking a voluntary cool shower after a workout or at the end of a hot day is one thing. Getting surprised by icy water hitting you when you were hoping for lukewarm water is another. In the first situation you probably would have no worries in regards to your water heater while, in the second situation, you may find yourself hunting for a new water heater as soon as you dried off.

Aside from a complete lack of hot water though what are other signs that your water heater is starting to fail? After all, you want to try to address the issue before you are without hot water for days at a time. To help, we’ve provided some key indicators you should know that will alert you to when you need to plan to replace your water heater.

4 Signs Your Water Heater Needs to Go

If you are starting to notice something is off with your water heater, make sure to be on the alert for any of these signs. If you pick up on one or more of these indicators, it means you need a replacement, not a repair!

  1. Your water heater is old. Age matters when it comes to your home systems. If your water heater is between 15 to 20 years old it is going to be ready to be replaced sooner than later. Newer systems will always perform more efficiently and effectively when compared to a system from the early 2000s.
  2. There is a leak in the tank of the system. Leaks don’t always spell doom for your water heater. However, a leak that is in the tank of your system is absolutely not something you can repair. At this point, a leaking tank will be a sign you need to replace your system.
  3. Signs of rust or corrosion. Your water heater is built to resist rust and corrosion but this won’t be the case forever. At a certain point, your water heater may start to struggle with rust and corrosion which will create discolored water and can even lead to those leaks in your system tank.
  4. Increasing repair needs. Last but not least, if your water heater has begun to require repairs frequently (think once a year), this is a definite sign that your water heater is on its last leg. The money spent on those repairs is better spent on a new water heater installation in Staten Island, NY.

Our Team is Here to Get You Hot Water

You need to have a reliable source of hot water in your home for the sake of sanitation and comfort. If your water heater is ready to retire, you need a team that can help take care of things in a timely and effective way. That’s what the professionals at Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning can offer. Let us help you get set up with a new and improved hot water heater.

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