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Hearing These Sounds From Your Water Heater? Book Repairs!


There are very few times when anyone would be okay to find themselves without access to hot water. However, when things outside get as chilly as they do this time of year, it is a particularly unpleasant experience.

When you need water heater repair in Staten Island you’ll want to have the job addressed quickly and correctly. To get things started, let’s equip you with the knowledge you’ll need to know when to call to schedule a repair: warning signs! Specifically, we’ll discuss the sounds a malfunctioning water heater might make.

The Sounds a Faulty Water Heater Might Make

We know that the average person doesn’t wait around their water heater to see if it makes odd sounds. However, it might pay off to check on your system every now and then. The next time someone is taking a warm shower, head over to your water heater to see if you pick up on any of the following noises:

  • Crackling: Does it sound like there is something crunchy inside of your water heater? This crackling noise may be due to sedimentary build-up that the water is trying to push through.
  • Whistling: A whistling noise may also be referred to as kettling. Whatever you call it, this sound is a problem. You are hearing hot water becoming trapped in sediment build-up and heating to the point of becoming steam, causing this noise.
  • Rumbling: Lastly, don’t ignore rumbling. This is yet another sound caused by water trying to push through the sedimentary build-up in the system.

We know the idea of sediment collecting in your water heater may not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to more than just noise—it can harden into scale and lead to an early system replacement. Thankfully you can prevent this by scheduling a system flush if you hear these noises.

Other Water Heater Water Signs to Watch For

Concerning noises aren’t the only warning signs that you may notice from your water heater. Here are some other indicators of trouble that you will want to watch out for.

  • Weak water pressure: When you open a hot water tap, how strong is the water pressure? If it has gotten weaker as of late, then it may mean there is one of a few problems with your water heater which is reducing the amount of hot water reaching the tap.
  • Unreliable water temperature: You are trying to wash the dishes and you are noticing the water temperature is going from warm to cold to lukewarm and back to cold again. Temperature changes like this are a sign of a water heater in need of help.
  • Discolored water: Last but not least, make sure to have a technician come work on your water heater if you notice your hot water is tinged red or orange or smells metallic.

Noticing some of the warning signs that your water heater is in trouble? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for helpful service that will get it back in prime condition.

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