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Is It Time for a Water Heater Replacement?

Your water heater is designed to last for a long time – but not forever. Ideally, you want to get a new water heater before your current model stops working completely to avoid an emergency replacement. You can give our team a call to schedule a water heater installation appointment in Staten Island, NY.

We can assess your needs and let you know if it’s time to upgrade to a new water heater. If it is, we can help you choose the just-right water heater for your family. We know it can be a daunting task to select and install a new water heater, but we’re here to help every step of the way. You can keep reading to learn more about the signs that it may be time to invest in a new water heater. 

Water Heater Age

First, you want to consider how old your current water heater is. The average gas water heater will last anywhere from 8 to 12 years, while an electric water heater has the potential to last for 10 to 15 years. As your water heater ages, it becomes more and more likely that you need to invest in a replacement.

Changes in Water Temperature

You may also notice that there are changes to the water temperature when you use hot water. For example, maybe your hot water is not as hot as it once was. But it’s also possible to have inconsistencies in the temperature. 

You should not have a burst of very hot water mixed in with lukewarm or cold water. If you do, that’s a red flag of something being wrong with your water heater. While sometimes water heater problems can be fixed with minor repairs, other times you need an entirely new system.

Unusual Sounds

You also want to pay attention to how your water heater is operating. Since your water heater may be in a garage or a closet, it is often out of sight and so you may not pay much attention to it. We encourage you to take time to listen to your water heater occasionally during operation. If it is making any unusual sounds like pinging, kettling, or whistling, then you need to schedule service.

The sound can indicate that you have hard water buildup, too much pressure inside of the system, or even leaky valves. Sometimes these problems can be addressed to keep your water heater operating. If we can make repairs to your water heater, we will. But if we think that it is time to upgrade your current water heater to a new model, we will talk to you about your options.

Water Discoloration

Your water supply should never be discolored. If your hot water has a rusty tinge to it, your water heater may be rusting on the inside. Corrosion is not reversible which means that your entire water tank needs to be replaced once rust begins. You do want to keep in mind that if both your hot and cold water are discolored then the problem is more widespread and likely does not have to do with your water heater. 

Serving Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955. Contact the Bob Mims team to schedule an appointment for your water heater service today!

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