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4 AC Repairs That Can’t Wait

When it comes to your air conditioner, you want to make sure that the system is always working at its best. But even the most well cared for air conditioner will face some repair needs here and there. Some repairs are ones that you can put off, while others require immediate attention.

If you think that you need HVAC repair in Staten Island, NY, give our team a call right away. We can talk to you about your concerns with your air conditioner and schedule an appointment. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about the top four AC repairs that need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Drain Clogs

Reading about drain clogs may make you think of your plumbing system. But your air conditioner also has a drain line where moisture collects to drain outside of your home. The whole goal of the condensate drain line is to help reduce humidity levels in your home so that the air can feel cooler.

But moisture is not the only thing collecting in the drain line. Dust and dirt can also get trapped and filled up in the line, potentially creating clogs that block water flow from leaving your home. Since these lines are small, they are also prone to developing mold and mildew. The good news is, our team can help you break down a condensate drain line clog and review the maintenance steps for preventing them from happening again in the future.

Refrigerant Leaks

The best way to identify a refrigerant line leak is by listening for hissing or bubbling sounds that can occur at the site of a refrigerant leak. As a leak gets worse, you may also notice that your home is not getting as cool as it once did, even if your air conditioner is working around the clock. 

Refrigerant is a dangerous chemical that can cause harm to your family if they come in contact with it because of a leak. If you suspect that you have a refrigerant leak, you definitely want to get it addressed sooner rather than later. 

Bad Capacitor 

Another AC problem you don’t want to ignore is a bad capacitor. Your air conditioner has a big job to do, and the capacitor helps the outdoor motor to get a jumpstart for each cooling cycle so it has a little more power. Without the capacitor, your motor cannot work as well, if it even turns on at all. 

You can identify a bad capacitor by standing next to your outdoor unit during a cooling cycle. If you don’t hear the hum of the motor, then your outdoor unit may not be working to dispel heat outside as it should. When he gets trapped inside, your air conditioner cannot cool your home down as effectively.

Broken Blower Motor

Your AC also has an indoor motor that works similarly to the outdoor motor. However, the indoor blower motor has the job of dispersing cool air throughout your ducts so that the air can blow out through the vents in each room of your home.

When this motor does not work, cool air gets trapped in the system without ever reaching the walls of your home. This can cause the coils to develop ice and freeze completely, leading to an even more expensive repair bill. If you suspect that your air conditioner’s blower motor is not working, turn the system off and give our team a call right away to schedule your repair appointment

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