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How to Combat the Effects of Wildfire Smoke in New York

Wildfires are becoming more and more common. Even though we live in New York, we are still impacted by the wildfires that are happening in northern Canada as wind brings some of that smoke and pollution down to us.

The good news is, you can combat wildfire smoke by investing in air purifier services in Staten Island, NY. An air purifier can greatly improve your indoor air quality. So even if there is smoke outside of your home, you can breathe easily when you are inside. Keep reading to learn more about how an air purifier helps with the smoke from nearby wildfires.

Impact of Wildfires

Wildfires don’t have to happen close to you for them to impact your home. Smoke and other air pollution negatively impact your health. If you are already sick, have allergies, or suffer from asthma, wildfire smoke can exacerbate these conditions. And home is where you want to be the most comfortable. You can’t control the air quality outside or even in other places you visit. But you can control the air quality inside your home. 

Importance of Indoor Air Quality

You may be wondering why indoor air quality is so important. If the smoke is all outside and you have an air filter attached to your air conditioner, what more do you need to do? But, pollution can quickly build up inside your home. 

Every time you leave and come back in, you return with more pollution from the outdoor world. Your air conditioning, air filter can only remove so much of the pollution from the air. Many particles are so microscopic that they can get through a standard air filter. 

You need a more robust solution. After all, indoor air quality on a regular day can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. When you add wildfire smoke to that, your indoor air quality can get really bad, really fast.

Air Purifier Benefits

An air purifier removes more than 99% of all harmful particles in the air. Examples include:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Pollen
  • Cleaners
  • Car exhaust
  • Bad odors
  • Smoke

Without fresh airflow coming into your home, harmful particles build up over time. Existing particles circulate through your air conditioner after making it through the air filter, meanwhile, you continue to bring more pollution in with you every time you come back home. It doesn’t matter how many times you wipe down surfaces, germs are still floating through your air. 

But an indoor air purifier helps clean the air. A whole house air purifier gets installed inside of your air conditioning system at a point where all of the airflow has to pass by. It takes up to a day following installation for your home’s air to circulate completely through the system, and after that, your indoor air purifier maintains a high level of clean air all day, every day. 

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