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Do You Need a New Thermostat?

kettle-and-smart-temperature-meterIf there’s one element of your Staten Island HVAC system that needs more attention than the average person gives it, it’s your thermostat.

Many homeowners don’t realize the important part the right thermostat plays in their HVAC’s functionality.

Thermostats help you set the comfort level in your home; they have to be properly calibrated by a technician to ensure proper connectivity with your system.

Sometimes, homeowners reach out to us with problems they’re sure are internal, but it turns out their thermostat is to blame. Could yours be causing issues in your HVAC? Below you’ll find four signs that it’s time to replace your thermostat.

1. Your Thermostat Is 10 Years or Older

If your thermostat is a decade or older, then it’s likely to run its course. One of the biggest reasons thermostats need to be replaced today is the advancement of technology.

Smart thermostats have completely changed the way people heat and cool their homes.

Even standard thermostats are still far better designed and optimized than they used to be. This plays a large role in how often your HVAC runs and how easily your home maintains your desired temperature.

2. You Updated Your AC or Heater But Not the Thermostat

Using an old thermostat with a new HVAC system is a bit like driving a brand-new car with 10-year-old tires. You aren’t going to get the same performance and reliability that your new system needs.

Furthermore, you’re likely to find that newer heating and air conditioning units require a more energy-efficient thermostat. Older models may not be able to keep up with a new system, which could lead to wasted money, inefficient cooling, and even short cycling.

3. Your Temperature Seems Off

The thermostat may say it’s 70°, but the room feels closer to 80°. Inaccurate temperature readings aren’t uncommon with older thermostats, especially if they’re connected to a newer unit.

However, even if this thermostat came with your home, it could be out-of-date and, as a result, seriously out-of-touch when it comes to gaining an accurate reading on your rooms.

4. The Air Conditioner Isn’t Running Properly

An old thermostat can affect your system’s entire performance. This can include:

  • Short cycling, which is shutting off before completing a cooling cycle.
  • Delayed responses to thermostat changes.
  • Running constantly to try to cool the home.

It’s important to factor in your thermostat as a potential problem when it comes to issues with your heating and cooling. In many cases, replacing the thermostat can resolve all your troubles for minimal cost and labor.

What are my options?

Newer thermostats use Wi-Fi and “smart home” technology to perform more accurate readings and run more efficiently.

There are a number of different thermostats to choose from, and all of them come with features such as remote temperature control, programmable settings, and even adaptive learning that adjusts the temperature according to your household’s schedule.

Give us a call and let one of our skilled technicians help you find the perfect thermostat for your home.

Serving Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955, you can trust our team with your HVAC system needs. Contact Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning for your thermostat upgrade.

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