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5 Noises That Mean Trouble For Your AC

woman-listeningWhat’s that sound? This is a question no one wants to ask when it comes to their AC, but it happens quite often. Hearing any of these five sounds is a sign you need to call for air conditioner repair.

Before we delve into the sounds to watch out for, it’s important to note what sounds are normal to hear from your AC. These include:

  • The whoosh of air. As your AC pushes cool air into your home, it’s normal to hear a steady stream of air.
  • Takeoff noises. Like a plane gearing up for a flight, it may be normal to hear your AC gearing up as it starts its cooling cycle.
  • Clicking on or off. You may hear your AC clicking gently before it turns on or just before it shuts off. Under normal circumstances, these clicks only last for a few seconds.

Now let’s look at five sounds you should never hear from your AC and what they may mean. If you recognize any of these, please reach out to us for expert assessment.

1. Clanging

Loose parts in your AC may lead to ongoing rattling and clanging noises. These are likely caused by a fan blade or bolt that’s come loose, or it may be a sign that your evaporator unit door is loose.

2. Hissing

Hissing sounds from an air conditioner are usually caused by a refrigerant line leak or an issue with your compressor. It could also mean you have a leak in your ductwork or a clogged air filter.

Faint hissing when you turn on your AC shouldn’t be thought of as normal. Hissing and whooshing aren’t the same. Make sure to be on the alert for hissing noises so you can reach out to a technician before your system sustains additional damage.

3. Bubbling

A bubbling noise coming from your AC usually means there’s a refrigerant leak. Bubbling sounds may come from air trapped in your air conditioner’s coolant lines that are allowed in from a leak in the part of the line where the refrigerant is still in liquid form.

Running your system with this sound can worsen damage over time and result in worsening cooling and more expensive repairs later.

4. Screeching

A high-pitched screech from your AC can stem from a dried-out belt or motor bearings. You may have heard noises like this in your car as well which has led to the need to lubricate a belt or replace it. The same prompt service should happen for your AC too. If you hear a screeching sound coming from your AC, we recommend shutting it off completely and calling a professional as soon as possible.

5. Banging

You might hear banging noises during cooling if parts of your air conditioner are hitting each other while it’s operating. This is often caused by an issue with the compressor, fan, or motor bearings.

A professional inspection and expert AC repair in Staten Island is the easiest way to determine exactly where the noise is coming from and the fastest, most effective solution.

Whenever you need repairs, we’re here to help. Contact Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your AC repair needsServing Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955.

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