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March Madness with Your Heater and AC

heating-and-cooling-homesSo far, March has been mostly a wet and cold month in Staten Island. Temperatures are taking a slight upturn, but it still feels as if summer is a long ways off.

However, March is a tricky month. A deceptive month. This is a time when the shifts in weather put serious stress on the heating and cooling systems of a home. For the heating system, the problem is that it’s already gone through a massive workload during the winter and may not be in the best shape at the end of the season. For the cooling system, the problem is that it may not be prepared yet to tackle heat waves. In both cases, a house faces a possibility of losing either its heating or cooling at critical times.

We Know the Problems—Now How Do We Deal with Them?

It’s our job, and has been for more than 60 years, to help people who live in Staten Island to keep comfortable, no matter the weather outside. March is a time when we put all of our skills to use to assist homeowners with heating and cooling. There are two big pieces of advice we have for this month that will make it easier dealing with the seasonal transition period: stay on top of any heating repair problems, and schedule air conditioning maintenance early.

Heating Repairs Shouldn’t Be Delayed

If you notice that your furnace (or boiler, or other type of heater) is behaving oddly in these waning days of winter, it’s important not to shrug it off. We understand it’s tempting to ignore minor issues with a heater when there’s warm weather on the way. But heating malfunctions must never be delayed, or else they will worsen and even create potential safety hazards. Take a proactive approach to any heating issues at the end of the winter and call on our repair technicians to have them solved early.

Scheduling Air Conditioning Maintenance Sooner Rather Than Later

Both the heating and air conditioning system in a house require annual tune-ups and inspections from professionals. The air conditioner maintenance is best done in the early spring so the system is ready to get to work when the heat settles in. The summers in New York are often hot and humid, and an AC puts in a great deal of time cooling off homes. This stress is enough to begin to affect negatively the system’s operation after only a year. Unless the AC has professional attention to adjust and inspect it, it will start to lose efficiency quickly and run a higher risk of a malfunction or complete breakdown during the summer. If you arrange for your maintenance early in spring, you will have ample time to have potential problems with the AC fixed before the heat turns up.

Right now we’re offering a special on a deep cleaning tune-up for your air conditioning system. That makes it an even better time to arrange for HVAC maintenance.

To take care of any heating service in Staten Island, NY you may need, or to arrange for spring maintenance to bolster the air conditioning, contact our team of HVAC professionals.

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