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Planning an Air Conditioning Replacement This Spring?

air-conditioning-system-with-catA working air conditioning system is your home’s best ally during another hot and humid summer in New York. This is one of the reasons that we urge all homeowners to arrange for AC maintenance in the spring. It preps an air conditioner with thorough inspections, tune-ups, and cleanings that will make its job easier—and therefore make it less likely it will drain energy or suffer major malfunctions over the summer. Maintenance offers a heads-up on any repair issues that need to be taken care of before the intense summer heat arrives.

But at certain point in the life of an air conditioner, repairs and maintenance will no longer be enough. If you suspect that your home’s AC has reached this point, then this is the spring to have an air conditioning replacement in Staten Island, NY.

Understanding When an AC Has Come to the End

The basic way to know an air conditioner is near the end of its lifespan is to know the manufacturer’s estimate of that lifespan. On average, central air conditioners last from 10 to 15 years (if they receive routine maintenance), so an AC more than 15 years old is probably ready to retire, even if it still seems to work well.

There are specific warning signs to watch for showing an air conditioner is losing efficiency and effectiveness that go beyond what targeted repairs can fix:

  • Rising electrical bills during the summer
  • Loud operation and noises you haven’t heard before
  • Hot spots around the house when the AC is running
  • Repairs cost more than $500 per year
  • Any single repair has a price tag more than half the cost of a replacement

Choosing an AC Replacement

When you decide to replace a central air conditioner, you can’t simply pick one from online models. The replacement needs the assistance of HVAC professionals. They must properly size the unit so it provides the cooling level for household comfort without starting to short-cycle. (Oversized is as bad as undersized.)

There’s more than an air conditioner’s power to consider. More options for air conditioning are available today than ever before, and you may wish to switch to a new type of system that better fits your home or lifestyle.

  • For example, if you’re also considering putting in a new heating system in the fall, you can take care of both heating and cooling in one installation with a heat pump.
  • Another option is a ductless cooling system, which we recommend for people who are thinking about a major remodel for their home or who are planning an add-on room.

Rely on HVAC professionals to help you navigate the different AC types.

Turn to our HVAC professionals for air conditioning replacement this spring. We’ll help you make the choice about whether to put in a new AC and find the ideal new model to keep your family cool for many summers to come. Right now we’re offering a free proposal on replacements and savings on new energy-efficient equipment.

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