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Keep a Watch for These Early Season AC Repair Warnings

tools-on-ac-unitAs the summer weather gets going here in New York City, you’ll begin to use your air conditioner for steady periods for the first time in the year. If you’ve arranged for its spring maintenance already, the system will be off to the best possible start. (However, it’s never too late to contact us about our maintenance agreement so you can have the AC tuned-up and inspected.)

But there’s no magical service that can make an AC immune to problems. If there were, believe me, we’d offer it! Maintenance is as close as it comes. During these opening summer weather days, it pays to attend closely to how your air conditioner is operating. This way you can catch any early troubles and have them fixed before the temperatures soar in July and August. Our AC repair experts are ready to help you!

Some Early Summer Air Conditioner Warnings to Look For

  • Uneven cooling: When you walk around your house while the air conditioner is on, do some rooms feel much warmer than others? You can expect this to happen in rooms where the sun is coming through the windows. But if there doesn’t seem to be any obvious reason for the extra warmth, the problem may be an AC that’s losing its cooling power, or perhaps issues with the ventilation system that require duct repair.
  • Odd noises: Air conditioners should make a predictable series of sounds as they run, and if you’ve already had your AC for one season, you’ll know what to expect. But if the AC starts off the summer and is making clanging, screeching, or hissing sounds—or it’s simply making more noise than usual—it’s time to contact our technicians to see what’s happening.
  • The compressor is starting and stopping too often: The run-time for a compressor should be more than 15 minutes each time it comes on. This is the minimum it takes to complete the cooling cycle. If the compressor is turning on and off multiple times per hour, the air conditioner is short-cycling. This is a problem because it wastes energy and puts immense strain on the compressor. There are many different potential causes for short-cycling, and it’s the job of HVAC professionals to find out what’s going on and fix it.
  • Acrid odors from the vents: Here’s something that can happen when an air conditioner didn’t receive its routine maintenance. Dust and dirt along the motors in the air conditioner will lead to a burning smell—and this can mean a motor running so hot that it’s in danger of overheating and failing.
  • Blower fan won’t shut off: You know you have trouble when an AC won’t turn on. But what about when it won’t turn off? If the blower fan continues to run and run, there may be an issue with the thermostat connection.

When you need repairs for a central air conditioning system in Staten Island, NY, make sure you contact professionals who can solve the problem without creating additional problems. Our technicians have the training and the years of experience to see the job gets done right and you have a cool-downed home for the summer once more.

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