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Fixing That Hot Upstairs in Your Home with AC Solutions

thermometer-going-redEvery region has particular comfort problems that HVAC specialists have to deal with. Here in Staten Island, a trouble we often find our customers experience is uneven home cooling during the summer. Usually the ground floor is comfortably cool when the air conditioner is running, but the upstairs remains stiflingly hot.

You might think there isn’t anything to be done about this. Heat rises, so the most heat will collect in the second floor. But this isn’t true! Our professionals have ways to help evenly cool homes with excellent air conditioning service in Staten Island, NY. If you have an unpleasantly hot upstairs in your home, contact us and we’ll find a way to provide even cooling comfort through the summers.

Why homes have problems with hot upper floors

The answer to this is that, unfortunately, many houses in the area were designed originally with poor air conditioning systems. These ACs aren’t powerful enough to cool off the whole house, or the ventilation system is shoddily designed so insufficient amounts of conditioned air are reaching the areas farthest from the air conditioner (i.e. the upstairs rooms). Sometimes the problem comes from aging leaky ducts allowing the cool air to escape before it reaches the rooms, or the ducts have inferior insulation that permits heat to enter the ducts and warm up the air.

How we can fix this problem

There are number of methods our technicians can use to fix a house with a blazing hot upstairs. Our experts will find out why a house has uneven heating and then find a solution:

  • New air conditioning installation: In some cases, the heart of the problem is at the heat of the HVAC system—the air conditioner itself. If you have an AC that isn’t powerful enough to cool all of your home, we’ll perform a heat load calculation and find out the size of air conditioner necessary to handle the job. We’ll then install it so it works the way it should and you can enjoy excellent cooling in all rooms.
  • Installing ductless units: One of the easiest ways to see that hot rooms have direct cooling without having to modify the current HVAC system is to install ductless units. A ductless air conditioner uses an outdoor unit that connects to one or more smaller indoor air handlers mounted in the rooms. These air handlers send cooled air directly into the room. We can have up to four air handlers installed in the upstairs to provide the cooling help necessary.
  • Duct repairs: If we find that bad, leaking ducts are causing the problem, we can fix them. We may only need to seal up holes so the conditioned air won’t escape from the ductwork. In other cases, we will need to do complete duct replacement to give the ventilation system a new start.

No matter what you need to have a comfortable home—from the living room to the highest bedroom—you can trust us to take care of it. We have more than 60 years of history taking care of Staten Island homes and helping them to keep cool.

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