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5 Signs You Need to Schedule Expert Heater Repair

cold-man-with-thermostatHow well do you think you would fare trying to get through winter without any heating system in your home? It probably isn’t an idea that you even want to think about. The truth is that if your heater has a repair need the isn’t being seen to, it can cause a premature breakdown that leaves you wondering how to get by without it.

As we said, it isn’t a pleasant idea and thankfully it is avoidable. With expert heater repair in Staten Island, NY, you can rest assured that your heater will be put back into prime condition quickly. The only question that remains is how to figure out when to call in a pro before you are without heat.

5 Signs Your Heater Needs Repairs

The key to getting heating system repairs is figuring out you need them before you can’t heat your home. Here are some warning signs to watch for to help you out.

1. Your heater has started making odd sounds

Your heater will never be 100% silent–it certainly shouldn’t be! However, it is good to know what you shouldn’t be hearing from it. While the whoosh of air and maybe a brief amount of clicking upon start-up may be normal, other new, loud noises aren’t. Be on the alert for sounds like rattling, squealing, hissing, banging, or booming and make sure to schedule repairs if you start to hear them.

2. The system is producing weaker airflow

Your heater is made to provide a steady stream of warmth throughout the home. If you’ve noticed the airflow from your vents or air handlers is weaker than normal, it is absolutely a reason to get repairs. This can indicate any number of issues that can destroy your comfort.

3. You are always either too hot or too cold

This is usually connected to a cycling issue. A short cycling heater is usually unable to heat the home properly. On the other hand, a heater that never wants to wrap up its heating cycles is going to leave you overheated. Have a professional check on your heating system if you notice it is cycling improperly.

4. Your energy bills are way too high

Have you noticed any spikes in your energy bills while running your heater? Or have you noticed a large increase in the price of your energy bills this year when compared to last year? This isn’t something to just bear with–it is a likely indicator of a problem in your system. You shouldn’t have to pay more money for less comfort!

5. There are cold spots in the home

Maybe it is a part of one hallway or a room. Cold spots are indicators of a problem in your heater that is hindering it from providing even heating throughout your home such as leaking ductwork or blocked vents. Cold spots are often a precursor to a cold home.

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