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Handling Excess Humidity…In Winter?

water-dropletsHumidity is often made out to be the villain that is trying to destroy your comfort. The truth is that humidity can both help and hinder your home comfort level. You don’t want too much but you also don’t want too little moisture in the air.

If you are looking to gain better control of the humidity in your home, you’ve come to the right place. We have the knowledge and the equipment to make sure you achieve balanced humidity in your home.

Here’s a curveball though. While some homes are working to increase the humidity to keep themselves warm, you may need to look at toning down the humidity in your home right now. We’ll explain more about this below.

What comes with the cold weather of fall, winter, and even spring–rain! Rainy days are great for keeping plants alive and for getting cozy with hot tea and a good book. However, they can also be a little problematic for your home’s wellbeing. Let’s look at why.

Why Humidity Helps Comfort in the Winter

During winter, many homes are looking to combat dry air. Humidity is great for helping you keep warm because water holds heat so well. this is why a hot and humid day feels so miserable! The problem arises though when there is extra humidity settling in places that you don’t want it to during winter, such as your basement.

When Humidity Is a Problem For Your Home In Winter

Let’s say that you’ve got a home with a nice humidity balance for your comfort. That’s great! But then it starts to rain. While this isn’t a problem immediately, it can become one because the rain is, of course, adding extra humidity to the air. That extra humidity can find its way down into places like your basement, putting them at risk for mold growth, water damage, and other problems.

The best way to combat this is with dehumidifiers in Staten Island, NY. On days that see increased humidity outside, which we often do this time of year, you may need some extra help to keep your home safe from the extra moisture. Your dehumidifier can help with this automatically, keeping things balanced rather than drying them out.

The only thing to be aware of is that your dehumidifier does have a temperature limitation. Once it hits 60° outside of your home, it can put your dehumidifier at risk of freezing. Make sure to check the temperature to ensure that your dehumidifier can run safely to keep your home safe and dry.

When it comes to ensuring your optimal comfort throughout the year, our team is the one you can trust to take every factor into account. We are available to help assess your indoor air quality and work with you to address anything that needs improvement. We have the indoor air quality systems and services you need.

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