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3 Signs You Need Some Help For Your Ductwork

woman-with-allergiesYour indoor air plays a big role in your comfort. And your ducts play a big role in your indoor air quality. Think about it. You run your HVAC system and, if you have a ducted system, the air flowing into your house has to flow through the ductwork. That means that whatever is in your ducts, or whatever problems your ducts have, are going to impact your comfort and your indoor air.

So, if you feel like something is amiss with your home’s air, it may mean that something is amiss with your ducts. But how can you tell? Here are some warning signs that will let you know if is worthwhile to contact us for help with duct services in Staten Island, NY.

3 Signs That Something Is Wrong With Your Ducts

Are your comfort troubles coming from your ductwork? Here are some indicators that they are:

1. The airflow throughout the house is getting weaker. How strong is the airflow throughout your home? If you are noticing that one or more rooms in the house are getting weaker airflow than they used to, this could very well be a sign of trouble in your ducts like leaks.

2. Your energy bills are getting higher despite your heater being in good shape. You know that your heater has been tuned-up and is in good shape. So why aren’t you getting the comfort your want but still seeing high energy bills? The answer may lie in your ductwork. Leaking ductwork can allow your warm air to escape your ducts, forcing your system to work harder and increase your bills.

3. You have less comfort and more air quality problems. This is going to be the biggest indicator of a ductwork issue. Problematic ducts are going to firstly allow the filtered warm air to escape from your ducts and into the walls, attic, or crawlspace of your home. Along with this, it will allow dirty, cold air to be pumped into your home instead. That means you’ll notice dirtier air messing with the cleanliness of your home and possibly your respiratory system, along with the fact that you are going to feel colder too.

How We Can Help

Whether you are absolutely sure that the problem is in your ductwork or you think there is another issue causing problems for the air quality in your home, it is worthwhile to reach out to our team for help. We are professionals who have the tools, systems, and services to get your air back in order again.

First off, we can assess your ductwork to see if there are any leaks, cracks, or gaps to address that might impact your comfort and your home’s air quality. Once those issues are addressed with repairs or even replacement, we can also help you find more ways to “clear the air” in your home with systems like air filters or air purifiers.

When you need help getting your home environment back on track, you can always rely on us.

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