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You’ll Thank Yourself For Getting Water Heater Maintenance

service-written-on-glassEveryone in a modern home relies on a water heater of one type or another. Being without a working water heater, you aren’t going to have access to hot water. This can make cleaning your clothes or dishes a lot harder of course. What’s more, it makes showering far less enjoyable, to say the least.

One way to ensure you get the most use from your water heater is to provide it with maintenance. Much like your heater or air conditioner, your water heater needs to be maintained regularly to keep it running properly. If you haven’t gotten a tune-up for your system, we’d like to dive into why this water heater service in Staten Island, NY is worth scheduling ASAP.

What Happens During Water Heater Maintenance

You may be curious what maintenance for your water heater entails. This is a valid question that we are happy to address. Much like maintenance for your other home systems, a tune-up for your water heater should be comprehensive. This can include:

  • Flushing the water heater tank to clear our sediment.
  • Checking the pressure relief valve.
  • Checking the connections to the system.
  • Checking the anode rod to see if it needs replacement.

You can expect this and additional services from maintenance with our team.

How Maintenance Helps With Your System

When you schedule maintenance for this important system in your home, you’ll benefit from it in multiple ways. If provided by a trained professional, these benefits should include:

  • Better energy efficiency: When you get regular maintenance for your water heater system it will allow it to do its job with a minimal amount of energy use. This means lower utility bills without hindering your comfort.
  • Better hot water supply: Maintenance also helps your water heater do its job effectively. Clearing away any small problems in the system, like sediment build-up, helps it perform without trouble.
  • Fewer repair needs: Getting a tune-up for your water heater will also help to prevent a majority of repair needs that it may face throughout the course of its lifespan. This can include built-sediment coating the heating elements, leaking pipes and more.
  • Reduced water usage: You want a good volume of hot water to rely on. Maintenance will help ensure that the water your get is plentiful and warm without causing any waste. Using less water is always a good idea.
  • Clear and clean water quality: Maintenance clears out sediment that might cause your hot water supply to taste or smell funny. This means that regular tune-ups will help provide you with water that is clean and clear.

Looking to give your water heater a helping hand? We are here to do just that. Our team has proudly served homes throughout Staten Island for over 60 years. We provide custom solutions for each of the services that we provide. We want to make sure that your home is functioning in optimal condition, no matter what.

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