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Adjusting the Thermostat for Cold Weather

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about heating is how to properly set the thermostat during extreme heat and cold. Since it’s winter now, we’re going to focus on how to best set the thermostat to deal with chilly weather. You might be surprised to learn the truth about how thermostats operate and how you can help save energy and give your heating system a long service life.

The Workings of a Thermostat

A thermostat, regardless of the complexity of its features, essentially operates as a switch. It turns the heating system (and blower fan, if the HVAC system uses one) on and off based on its settings. However, people often treat the thermostat as if it were a throttle: the higher it’s set, the “more” heat it provides. But all that happens when a thermostat is set at a high temperature (such as 85°F) is that the heating system runs for longer until it reaches the setting. This wastes energy and placed extra stress on the heater unnecessarily—because a house that’s 85°F is uncomfortable!

There’s another efficiency issue with placing the thermostat up high: it means heat leaves the house faster. When the indoor temperature is much higher than the outdoor temperature, the movement of heat to the outside speeds up. When the temperature is lowered, heat loss slows down. The heating system doesn’t have to work as much to replace lost heat.

Thermostat Setting Recommendations

We suggest that you lower your thermostat during the day when people are home to around 68°F. This is a good comfort zone for most people, although you may want to wear warmer clothes. At night, or when people aren’t home, lower the thermostat by 8°F.

Advanced Thermostat Help

If you have an older model of thermostat, such as a manual one or a digital model without programmability, it’s a wise idea to upgrade. Current Wi-Fi and “smart” thermostats help you save money in new ways. In fact, they do most of the work on their own to maximize savings without sacrificing comfort!

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