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What’s That Sound from My Furnace Mean?

It would be nice if the technology of furnaces included an A.I. (artificial intelligence) program that could immediately diagnose any malfunction when it first starts and then notify homeowners of what is wrong. But we don’t yet have these sorts of furnaces. So to know when there’s a problem, we have to watch for certain warning signs. One of the most common is odd sounds.

A brief guide to warning sounds you may hear from a furnace

  • Booming: This is a sound that you’ll hear soon after the furnace turns on. What it means is that gas has built up inside the combustion chamber before the burners ignite. All the built-up gas ignites at once, creating this “boom-whoosh” noise. This is a problem because it means the burners are delayed at igniting, probably because of dirt or corrosion. Repair technicians will need to remove the burners and clean them.
  • Rattling: Often, this means something is amiss in the air handler, which contains the blower fan. The air handler may be loose, or have loose components. A bent fan blade can also create this. It might even be damage in the ductwork.
  • Shrieking and grinding: These mechanical sounds point toward a blower motor that’s in trouble. Shrieking means the bearings in the motor are wearing down, and if they fail it will seriously damage the motor. The grinding sound points toward mechanical wear. Call for professionals to see to the motor before it burns out.
  • Clicking: At start up, this could mean a failing electronic ignition system. If you hear it after the blower turns off, it warns of cracks in the heat exchanger, which can become dangerous if not repaired professionally. Don’t hesitate when you hear this sound to call on HVAC repair experts.

No matter your noise worries from your furnace, make sure that you only trust licensed professionals to handle the heating repairs necessary to keep it running and keep it safe! Our experienced technicians are here to see you receive top-quality service for your furnace.

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