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Furnace Age—What Can You Expect From Yours?

cold-man-with-thermostatWe know age is just a number, but when it comes to your furnace, its a number that counts. This is because the age of your furnace can affect everything from it’s ability to provide heat to your decision about when you need to replace your system.

Of course, there are several factors that can affect how poorly or how well your system runs at (almost) any age. What you will want to know when you are reaching out for furnace service in Staten Island, NY is your system’s age and what could affect it s ability to do its job. After all, even a fairly new furnace can fail if something big goes wrong.

We want to make things easy so we will break this down into three parts for you so you can see why knowing the age of your furnace heater it an important detail.

Less Than 10 Years Old

A furnace that is under 10 is normally going to be pretty new and should operate well. Under a decade of use means less wear and tear and, often, a system within this age range is still operating pretty efficiently. Things that will help a system of this age grouping continue to run well is yearly maintenance and timely repairs when needed.

Between 10 and 15 Years Old

When a  furnace surpasses its 10 year mark or is starting to edge closer to being able to qualify for a driver’s license, it may be time to start researching replacements. This doesn’t mean your system won’t be able to do its job the instant it hits 12 years of age for example. In fact, regular maintenance can keep your furnace going strong up to and sometimes past 15 years of use. However, systems in this age range are more likely to be past their prime and will need more expensive repairs. In all honesty, that money will normally be better spent on a replacement.

Over 15 Years Old

It is possible for your furnace to pass 15 years of use and still run well. However, this is often akin to driving a car with an engine light that’s been on for a good long while (it is a situation that won’t end well). Maintenance and repairs can help keep your furnace running but it won’t last much longer or, if it does, it is less likely to operate well. Your best bet when you are faced with a furnace of this age is to simply schedule a replacement service with a professional HVAC technician as soon as possible.

Service That Counts

And there you have it. While age won’t always be the final factor that decides when you need a system replacement, it will often play a starring role in that choice. If you have inherited a furnace with a new home we would advise that you reach out to a professional to check on your system’s age. It is always better to know ahead of time than to be struggling through winter without heat only to discover you’re the proud owner of a furnace from 1970.

When you are in need of a furnace replacement or other services for your heating system, contact the professionals at Bob Mims Heating & Air ConditioningServing Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955.

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