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Improve your IAQ with an HRV or ERV

comfortable-child-relaxedYou like enjoying the clean warm air that is being pumped out of your vents. But every once in a while, that air can feel a little artificial and you wish you could open up a window and enjoy the fresh air too. Unfortunately, it is too cold out and you’d rather not run your heater just to have the hot air get sucked outside.

What if we told you there was a way to meet in the middle and get fresh air without wasting warmth or energy? There is a way and we think you should know about it. If you are craving fresh air during the cool months when you are running your heater, you may want to look into Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs). These nifty systems can provide you the best of both worlds and are available through your local Staten Island, NY, HVAC company.

If you are ready to learn more about HRVs and ERVs, we urge you to read on.

What is an HRV?

A Heat Recovery  Ventilator (an HRV) is a system that pulls fresh air into your home without losing too much heat. It transfers heat from the stale air exiting your home to the fresh air coming in to give you the benefit of warmed, fresh air. This keeps your home comfort system running efficiently and keeps you warm and breathing easy.

What is an ERV?

An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) works similar to an HRV. However, an ERV has an additional bonus: it transfers moisture along with fresh air into your home. This keeps your home temperate rather than allowing everything to be dried out, ensuring optimal comfort.


How Do These Systems Help Me?

The use of an HRV or an ERV provides you with a few different benefits. Aside from allowing you to stay warm all season long without having to sacrifice the comfort brought by fresh air, these systems also help your heater maintain its efficiency. This is because you never have to crack a window or door to let fresh air or moisture leak in. An HRV or ERV does that for you so doors and windows stay closed and your heater has an easier time of keeping your home temperature regulated.

Oh, and in the case of an ERV, that added moisture helps keep the home warmer a lot more easily because the moisture helps hold onto the heat.

Pretty cool systems, right?

When You’re Ready, Give Us a Call

If you are interested in looking into installing an  HRV or an ERV, make sure you reach out to a professional to discuss your options. You never want to enlist an amateur to do this for you as it will likely end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

When you need a professional HVAC service technician to help you improve your indoor air quality, you can rely on the team at Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning.

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