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If You Haven’t Scheduled Heating Maintenance Yet, Don’t Delay

wrenchesThe year seems to have flown by and you’ve gotten a lot done. It is only now that you realize that with everything you have been doing you blanked on scheduling your yearly maintenance appointment to get your heater checked.

The first instinct might be to say, “Oh well,” because it is probably too late, and promise to make a mental note to schedule maintenance next year. Your heater will make it through winter, no problem!

But we want you to know that it isn’t too late. And late maintenance is most certainly far better than none! You can still easily schedule a heater service with a professional before the temperatures really drop to ensure peace of mind and long-lasting system reliability.

If you are still wondering why you should bother with maintenance for your heating system, we can tell you why.

Skipping maintenance for your heater may not seem like anything to think twice about. But think of it this way: Let’s say you perform yearly maintenance on your mountain bike and one year you simply don’t feel like it. That turns out to be the year that there was an issue with the gears that you would have caught, but instead, it turned into a big repair need and your bike ended up in the shop for a week.

If that analogy doesn’t work for you then let us say this: the benefits of performing yearly maintenance are very worth it.

Why Should I Schedule Maintenance?

The benefits that your heating system reaps from annual maintenance make it well worth the time it takes to schedule a visit from your professional service technician.

It Ensures Better Energy Efficiency

When your heater is well-maintained it has the ability to, well, maintain its energy efficiency. Most heating systems lose a majority of their energy efficiency by the time they reach the ten year mark. Maintenance ensures that your system will not only keep most of its energy efficiency, but also that it will have a maximized lifespan too.

It Helps Reduce the Need for Repairs

Remember the bike analogy? That issue with the gears started out as a small loose bike part that escalated into a full repair need. Similarly, small issues that are caught during a maintenance check get taken care of before they become more expensive repairs.

It Keeps Your Heating Bill Stable

Encountering a surprisingly high energy bill is never fun. When you get regular maintenance though you shouldn’t have to worry about this because maintenance keeps your systems energy efficiency up which means the amount of energy is uses stays reliable, rather than spiking at different times.

Who Do I Reach Out To?

So, we’ve established why it is always a better idea to schedule a late-season maintenance appointment instead of just waiting until the next year. Now we want you to know that this is always better done by a professional like the ones at Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning. When you work with a pro, you will know that your system is being taken care of correctly the first time around every time.

Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning has been Serving Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955. Contact our team today for your next heating system service. 

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