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Are Ductless Heaters More Prone to Breakdowns?

ductless-system-repair-technicianNo one enjoys calling for repairs. Repairs for your car, home or phone are never something that any person enjoys scheduling because making that call inherently means that there is a problem.

Having a heating system that operates efficiently and rarely needs repairs can assuage a lot of the stress attached to requiring frequent repairs. After all, you really shouldn’t need to call for repairs to your system more than once a year, if that.

But what if one type of heater inherently requires more repairs? If you are one of the many individuals who uses ductless heating systems in Staten Island, NY, you may find yourself wondering about this. After all it may just seem like a system that operates without ducts would be prone to encounter more problems.

The reality is that this just isn’t true!

Do Ductless Heaters Require More Repairs?

The short answer to this question is no. But we know our readers are inquisitive. So, we will delve further into this subject to help reassure you that your ductless heater really doesn’t break down more often than any other type of heating system. (If it does, however, you may want to consider discussing a potential replacement!)

There is a common misconception that ductless mini splits break down more often. This may be because this system appears so different from a traditional heater with is multiple individual units that service individual spaces. The reality, however, is that, much like any other heater, a ductless system will operate efficiently and effectively as long as it is taken care of.

Best Care Practice for Your Ductless Heater

There are several ways to ensure that your ductless system operates well for a good long while including:

  • Keep the filters clean: Make sure to clean off a reusable filter or change out the disposable filter of your ductless heater air handlers at least once a year.
  • Don’t overwork your system: Running the heater while doors and windows are left open let in cold air, or putting excessive heating demands on it (ex. 90°F airflow in a home that is starting out at 55°F), are sure ways to overtax your system so it requires more repairs.
  • Schedule regular maintenance checks: Maintenance is like a doctor’s check up for your heater. It helps you catch any small issues and address them before they become bigger and more debilitating! You can make things even easier on yourself and your system by taking advantage of a maintenance plan.

No heater type is more prone to breakdowns that any others, ductless or not. Taking good care of your system is the best way to avoid having to make those calls for repairs but, even the best cared-for heater will eventually need a little extra TLC. When that happens, don’t blame your heater! Simply make sure you reach out to a professional technician for repair services before your repair needs add up to a replacement.

Whatever heater services you may need for whatever type of system you have, you can rely on the pros at Bob Mims Heating and Air Conditioning to help.

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