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How Maintenance Ensures Your Furnace Works Right

wrenchesWhen you think about furnaces what do you picture? Do you picture a big noisy metal beast with flames occasionally escaping around the edges of the door? We hope not because if that is your furnace, that system really needs to be seen by a trained professional.

Furnaces, gas-powered or electric, should operate with a minimal amount of noise, great effectiveness and optimal energy efficiency too. Oh, a no sporadic flames, of course. To keep your furnace in great shape like this, you will want to schedule furnace maintenance in Staten Island, NY on an annual basis. This service will help ensure your system works the way it should when you need it most.

Maintenance Makes a Difference; Here’s How

We know that sometimes the services offered by HVAC companies can seem a little extra. We’ve had our fair share of customers who wondered whether maintenance was really worth their time and money. Our team members want you to know that maintenance services are well worth it. We provide this service because it makes your life easier and often makes it easier to take care of your furnace in the long run too. Here are some of the great impacts that maintenance makes:

  • Improves your furnace’s function: Your furnace is simply going to operate more effectively when it gets regular tune-ups. When it doesn’t need to struggle against a clogged filter or dirty burners, a furnace will be able to create heat much more quickly and easily. That means better comfort for you!
  • Better energy efficiency: Tune-ups don’t just help boost your system’s operation, they also make sure that energy and fuel are used much more efficiently. The same issues that are addressed that can hinder effectiveness can also hinder the efficiency level of your furnace. Thankfully, when you have a professional give your heater its regular maintenance check, you won’t need to worry about reduced efficiency.
  • Ensures your safety: This is especially true for gas-powered furnaces. A poorly-maintained furnace is likely to develop potential safety hazards such as a cracked heat exchanger. Furnaces are made to run safely but poor care over years can take their toll on this system and create safety issues. Avoid putting anyone in the home at risk by scheduling maintenance each year.
  • Extends the system’s lifespan: When you schedule a tune-up each year, it can actually help reduce the impact that wear and tear from regular use. This can help to extend the lifespan of your furnace which is great news–you want to keep your furnace replacements well spaced apart.

Want to make the most of your furnace’s operation and we can help you do that. Schedule your yearly maintenance services with our team to enjoy the perks of professional experience and expertise. We go above and beyond to keep your furnace running well and running safely too.

Schedule your next service for your furnace heater with the experts at Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning. Serving Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955.

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