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Is a Gas or Electric Furnace Better For You?

cold-sweater-manGetting through the winter season that we encounter around here is no easy task, and it requires a good heating system. No space heater is going to be able to provide the level of comfort that a furnace can offer. Well, it could contend with your furnace if said furnace completely broke down. If that is the case though, you still shouldn’t plan for a whole winter of struggle with your space heater to attempt to warm up.

If something goes wrong with your furnace, your best option is to reach out to us for furnace service in Staten Island, NY. One of our technicians will be able to diagnose whether your system is salvageable or whether it is time to retire and replace it. If you find yourself in the second situation, just make sure you are prepared with an idea of what type of furnace you want next! The goal is to pair you with the one that meets your needs best, after all.

Your Furnace Options

Furnaces are made to be effective and efficient, no matter what their source of fuel. This is good to know because there are two key “types” of furnaces that you can select from. The first and often most common is the natural gas furnace which burns natural gas to create heat. The second type is an electrical furnace which uses electrical resistance to create heat.

Which Type is Better?

We often get the question as to whether a gas furnace or electric furnace is a better option to install into your home. The answer is that this is entirely dependant on your home’s needs and a few other factors. These can include:

  • What is the price of electricity? Is it highly affordable in your area? If so, an electric furnace is a great option for your home.
  • Do you have a natural gas line already? Did you have a natural gas line for your home before now? If so, you may want to stick with a natural gas furnace. If not, you may want to consider an electric system.

Both natural gas furnaces and electric furnaces are great options to provide heat to your home throughout the closest months of the year. That is why you want to make sure you are considering every possible factor when choosing your next system. It isn’t that one is better than the other inherently but there may be one that is better suited for your needs which is what makes the difference.

Whatever You Choose, Come to Us For Service

Whether you want to install an electric or a natural gas furnace in your home, one thing remains the same: you need a trained professional to perform the installation. The technicians on our team can help to confirm if your heater is due to be replaced to start. From there we can work with you to figure out which furnace is the best option for your next system and we can install and size it perfectly.

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