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Kick Off Fall With Heating Maintenance

wrenchesSome people may still be reeling from the high heat of summer but fall has stepped up to the plate and temperatures are already dropping. Most of us can feel safe in shutting down our air conditioners for the year at this point. The next step, of course, is preparing our heaters for the winter chill to come.

If you haven’t scheduled your heating maintenance appointment just yet, you still have plenty of time to do so. With that said, we don’t suggest delaying too long! Getting your heating maintenance taken care of early on is always better, especially because of how much it helps your comfort.

How Heating Maintenance Helps You and Your Heater

Heating maintenance service that is provided by a professional is going to be a big help to your heater and your peace of mind. Maintenance is going to involve tuning-up, readjusting, tightening, and cleaning the different parts of your heater that need it. In doing all this, a yearly heater tune-up provides the following perks:

  • Better energy efficiency: When you let your heater run through another season of cool weather without a tune-up, it is going to lose a certain amount of efficiency. It can actually lose up to 5% of its efficiency without any maintenance service. In contrast, your heater can maintain its efficiency level much more closely to its original efficiency when you schedule that yearly appointment.
  • Fewer repair needs: Maintenance addresses a variety of problems in your heating system from loose parts to dirty parts and more. All of these seemingly small adjustments go a long way in keeping your heater in better shape and reducing the chances that it will need repairs as often. In addition, it will reduce the cost and severity of the repairs that do pop up.
  • Improved heating power: It isn’t hard to imagine but a heater that is well cared for is going to operate much more effectively than one that is struggling to operate despite a variety of small issues within its system. Better operation of course means that you will enjoy better heating comfort from your system, whether it is a heater, boiler, or a heat pump.
  • Lower monthly energy bills: One of the best benefits of yearly maintenance appointments is that it is going to help reduce your monthly energy bills. Your heater will only need to use the normal amount of energy when it is tuned-up and working efficiently. There is a reason why high energy bills are often used as a sign of trouble!

We know that adjusting to a new world of working and schooling from home is already tough enough. Don’t let your fall season be taken over by heating troubles too. Schedule your heating maintenance soon so you can enjoy reliable comfort this winter without any extra stress.

Make sure your heater is ready to take on the winter. Schedule your heater maintenance in Staten Island with Bob Mims Heating & Air Conditioning ASAP. Serving Staten Island’s Heating and A/C needs since 1955.

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